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Hubby had a reunion in the Chicago suburbs this weekend that was interesting. It was a 50th anniversary of the church he had attended until he met me and we moved. He got to re-connect with old friends and do some catching up. The kids got to play at a water park and I got the chance to wear my favorite victorian jacket (from Newport News), sit poolside reading a book (not in the jacket, lol), and eat loads of food that I didn't have to cook =)

I LOVE the huge amber beads on this necklace that Sophie sent a little while back.

Just as we were getting ready to head into Chicago, the mail arrived so I grabbed everything and ran to truck. Look at this wonderfully delicious package that Lisa sent!! I didn't even want to untie it because it was all so beautiful just like that!

I was all teary-eyed reading through the booklet.

And I can't wait to use the fabric!! I know, I said I'm downsizing the fabric stash but I'm so addicted that I just can't!! Perhaps I'll have to do another fabric giveaway as we get closer to the holidays. That might be fun. But, these two... I'm keeping these!

Today I get to catch up on blogs (and homework and laundry and emails). I'm so glad that everyone enjoyed the yellow rose day (These are the yellow/red roses from the market that I had mentioned the other day). I'll have to start thinking of our next fun giveaway. Can you tell that I'm a present kind of gal? Well, I have to get busy...

I'll leave you with this... I saw this little girl at Woodfield Mall on Saturday and just had to take a picture. Isn't that petal dress darling?! My little tom-boy wouldn't be caught dead in it. In fact, my little tom-boy wimpered all the way to the reunion because I made her wear a skort. Ah, the trials of a victorian lovin' mama... =)


  1. Good Morning Miss Polly,

    I just love your victorian coat, it looks adorable over jeans like that! Those beads are darling too :)


  2. Polly, I adore the Victorian jacket it looks perfect with the beads! The little girl is the photo is just precious. I sometimes lament the fact that I do not have a daughter to dress-up and do girl things with. But I don't complain too loudly because in reality I am truly blessed:-)
    Glad you had a great time in Chicago!

  3. I LOVE that coat!!! Ooh, it's gorgeous-that's exactly how I would wear it too Polly! And how great does the necklace look on you? I bought myself one too (but it's nicer on you with your hair), and you can also wear it as a chunky bracelet! xx

  4. Polly, what a Pretty Jacket, Love all the Lace. The roses are Gorgous too...

    What a Cute Little Girl, an adorable dress, wonder if she's going to be a fairy for Halloween?lol :)
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments.


  5. That coat is just beautiful. I love Newport News, my mom and I can look at that catalog for hours. How cute is the little one! Just Precious!
    Love Erin~

  6. I love your jacket!!! And I'd wear it in a heartbeat! That package really was wrapped beautifully. What a friend you have there :)

  7. Hi Polly,

    So glad you liked the package. I thought you might. Happy projects! Also, love the jacket and the cute little girl in the petal dress.

    Have a truly wonderful day!


  8. I love, love, love your Victorian jacket...so much so...I just went to the Newport News Website...you so graciously included...and ORDERED one for myself...I can't wait...thanks for sharing...I hope it's not on back order...I want to take it on my trip! Oh well...I'll just have to wait and see...

    Thanks for sharing all with us...Enjoyed all of your pictures!


  9. That jacket rocks! You probably get compliments every time you wear it. :)

  10. Polly, I love the jacket! It is to die for! It is funny, I grew up a major tomboy! I still am one. But I love to view frilly, lacy things from a distance....I think there just might be an inner girly girl trying to get out...

  11. Too funny! I was reading your blog and you just posted on mine! We must be thinking of each other huh? Love your photos today! Glad you had a good time. I just did a search and we are approx 3 1/2 hrs apart! If you ever have to go to Indianapolis I would be on your way:-)

  12. Hi Polly,
    Major wiring problems today so I'm just now getting to see your post. LOVE LOVE LOVE your coat!! And thank you for the beautiful comments you left on my blog. You're so sweet!


  13. Oh, you looked so beautiful with that outfit! I love Victorian-ish clothes! Love, Esther

  14. I love that jacket and am very jealous! LOL
    I used to have a little girl that wore dresses everyday..and if she wore jeans she wore ruby slippers with them.....(sigh)..now she wears converse and jeans!

  15. Hi Polly, Great picture of your jacket and jens outfit (Love it!) but why can't we see all of you? What a sweet package of goodies in the mail too! Hope you have a great day today:>)

  16. Hi Polly, thanks you for the sweet comments on my blog and pronto I've added the link to your weblog on my blog:) Need all the support as a newbie to this blogging land and I just have to add , Your things are GORGEOUS! Love em'

    Ta for now,


  17. Hey Miss Polly,
    LOVE LOVE LOVE that jacket, but im with Kathy, why cant we see all of you?? Cmon we want to see you looking all glam :)
    More fabric hey? well a gal can never have too much....LOL !And what a pretty parcel it was too.


  18. It sounds like you had a great time. How fun! It's wonderful that your husand is still serving the Lord with his family. That is a real blessing. I enjoyed the pictures of the beads, and your gorgeous jacket.



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