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I was reading yesterday over at Farmhouse Style about the sofa that she brought back to life, her husband's initial misgivings about the whole thing, and then his sweet comment posted to her blog. I joked that there should be some kind of support group for our dearly beloveds! So for the helping hands that they lend every time we need assistance... This is for them...

Feel free to present the Beloved Award to your beloved, whomever that helping hand may come from. Whether a spouse, a friend, a fellow blogger... for all the tasks and support behind the scenes... because what they do, helps us create and do what we do.

I was very honored yesterday to receive the You Lift Me Up award from Shabby In The City. Because there are so many bloggers out there doing this better than myself, I'm humbled to be put into such ranks. My goal is to lift Him up before you and I hope that does lift you up. I would like to pass the award along to Nunnie's Attic and Swaddle Cottage. I was just visiting Nunnie's Attic and reading about the close call at her house yesterday and I'm praising God for His protection.

To change the subject altogether... I thought I'd show you the kid's Royal Fort. I don't know how long it'll remain in tact, but for now it's something to do that doesn't involve TV.

I'm determined to LIVE this season. To show my children life. Not to just write about living. Not to watch others living on TV. Not even to read about it. I want to build my children's memories These are the moments that they'll talk about someday with their spouse. These are the things that will form what kind of parent they will be, what things they will value and what they will remember of me. It has to matter. Who's raising our children? The TV, the daycare workers, the neighbor friends... What kind of husbands will our sons be? Will our daughters be more dedicated to their home and their children than their careers and their independence? If we teach them what's important, it'll be important to them. Are we really homemakers or do we just talk about homemaking?

It's a perfect day to begin...


  1. Excellent post Polly! I wanna hold that baby boy! I love the fort too and the sweet kitchen. Another happy home :)

  2. Polly, you're just the sweetest! Thank you so much for tagging me. Shabby in the City tagged me as well and I can't tell you how much that means to me. I'm so glad to know that in some way I may lift your spirits, make you laugh, encourage you to be a little closer to God. Your post was wonderful, as always.


  3. That was a lovely post, But I have to tell you I can't get past the pink mixer, I only have a hand held pink one.
    I think you are very deserving of your award and rank up there with the best of them! You do a wonderful job of always making everyone feel special. Face it, you are loved at home and in blogland. We are all lucky to have found such a good friend:-)

  4. Polly,

    Thank you so much for tagging me with this award. That is so sweet of you and I am deeply touched and honored.

    P.S. - the fort is awesome!


  5. You mentioned on Miss Shabby's blog that your kids love the lights going out. Same here... We had several rolling blackouts during the summer and had a few occasions to bring out the candles.

    Your blog is lovely!

    Best Blessings, KJ

  6. I love it that you have , Do You Know Jesus, on your sidebar. So neat. Thanks for the encouraging remarks. xoxo Nita

  7. Wow, so much in one post!
    1. Thank you for the belovd award, It's going on my blog in honor of my awesome husband!
    2. I agree with Phyllis, you deserve the "YOU LIFT ME UP" award, I always come away from your blog with a smile:>)
    3. Amen on the raising of your kids the right way! I am so glad to hear someone ask what kind of husband their sons will be.As the mother of girls that is as important to me as it is to you! Wonderful post Polly!

  8. That was a great post Polly!! Congrats on your award-you definitely deserve it, and how lovely that you were so suprised and pleased to get it!! And your beloved award is a fab idea-I'm going to award it to Tom of course!! p.s what a gorgeous photo at the bottom of your post!xx

  9. Polly,

    Excellent Post. You so deserve the lift me up award, Your Blog is so Inspiring and makes me so Thankful to God in My Life, we are church searching right now, so It just puts that extra bit of encouragement in my day :)


  10. Always so insightful.....Love!!!! Esther

  11. Polly you are wise beyond your years. You are definately deserving of the award. I know from personal experience how many times your words have caused me to stop and think, and I have only begun to know you.
    You are truly a blessing:-)
    PS I will definately present hubby with the much deserved Beloved Award.

  12. Oh my goodness. You space is more than beautfiul. I am so taken away... So lovely, lovely! xxo

  13. This is the best!!! every bit... Proverbs 31 is my 'template'.... Thank you for sharing!! Aggh... I'm soo giving my hubby the 'beloved' award!! You are always an inspirtation!!

  14. Polly, loved your post and prospective on raising children...I love that you are raising children who will one day be responsible, God loving, mindful of their mates type of adults. That is something I think we forget from time to time in this world...that not only are we raising the leaders of tomorrow...we are raising children to become responsible and loving adults who hopefully will put God and family first in their lives....Great job...Polly!

    Also, in your comments to me mentioned you were surprised I was able to get that gorgeous Victorian jacket you wore in your post yesterday...I DID...I am so pumped...I hope it looks as good on me as it did on you...however, I am a bit hopefully, I won't be disappointed...I bought it b/c it was so enchanting and romantic along with it being that it can cover any flaws I might have collected in the past 50 years! LOL...I got an email today saying it shipped yesterday...and that I will have it by Friday!! YEA!! I cannot wait...I'll let you know how it looks on me when it arrives. Also, thank you so much for sharing your inspired step out of my comfort zone...I am taking it to Italy with me in a couple of weeks...I hope to WOW my!


    also, the jacket is under the designers top case you want to see if they are still there! Geez...I hope I ordered the right one!!

  15. Congrats on your award...I admit you are an inspiration to me and I always learn something when I visit your post. I am very excited about my walk with the Lord and I love to see that in others!

  16. Very sweet and so right on! I think often about all those points you made. I have the book Keepers at Home for my girls. I haven't opened it yet, but I will. Thanks for a great post! I'm so thankful we found each other in the blog world, your blog really lifts me up as well as your messages on my blog. God Bless you!


  17. What a wonderful post Polly! My husband is so important in all of my life, from home to work!

    I love your thoughts about LIVING this season....

  18. Polly you totally deserve that award! I know I feel blessed everytime I come here and read your posts. You lift my spirits every time.

    I love the royal fort :)

  19. Really pretty blog! Yes, I've made the light in the bottle project! Got a large square jar, filled it with tiny string lights and potpourri, put the cap on then added a small round doilly then tied it with pink wide ribbon. Great project and the aroma is wonderful. Has lasted over 3 yrs now!

  20. Is that your pink mixer???? I must have one; where does one buy one?Your photos are so beautiful.

  21. I got the pink mixer last Summer at a thrift shop in Wisconsin and it works well. I have a pink bowl, an aqua bowl and a white one. They didn't come with it but I've been picking them up over the years. The problem is that I also have a newer kitchen aid so sometimes my little pinkie gets ignored. Though I must admit that having two mixers is convenient when the holidays come around. There are two old pink mixers on ebay right now: 130157295502 and 280156988833 if anyone should be interested. Oh, and stop thinking that I spend too much time on ebay! =) Blessings... Polly


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