A Contest Giveaway (& an audio church at home)

Since there was such an outpouring of yellow rose lovers admiring the umbrella earlier this week... I'd like to give it to one of you. I should say "we" would like to give it to one of you. Michelle at Back Through Time is helping me this week. So here's the nitty-gritty of it... We thought it might be fun to have a yellow rose themed blog day. There aren't any real guidelines, just that you use yellow roses for your post. You can use dishes/china, home decor, real flowers, faux flowers, fabric flowers, flowers on fabric - if it's yellow roses, SHOW IT OFF! Give us lots of good pictures and feel free to mix your yellow roses with other things too. Michelle is going to be our judge and all she's looking for is the best show of yellow roses. The winner will receive the yellow rose umbrella! The day to post your yellow roses is this coming Friday, September 21st. Please comment on today's post if you would like to be part of YELLOW ROSE DAY.

How to have a beautiful home... (because these things are far more important than anything I'll ever write on this blog)


  1. Polly you are just the sweetest, aren't you?? I love the message and I hope that I have a beautiful home. You have a blessed day, Sweetheart!


  2. Ooooooooh, I'm so touched with the kind words from your pen...such sweetness oozing from your page to mine...I unfortuntaely have plans for Sunday the 30...but would do anything to meet up another time for a cuppa...

  3. I am loving that yellow rose cake plate you found!! Can't wait to see everyone's yellow roses!! You are so thoughtful and a sweetie to your blog friends!

  4. Oh how exciting! I LOVE that umbrella, I best get busy coming up with a idea for a post. :)


  5. Oh Polly, that cake plate is so pretty! I'm looking around to see what I can do with yellow roses now! You are such a sweetie.


  6. Polly, how can you bear to give it up-it was so you!! But what a fab idea, I will definitely try to find some yellow rose ideas for my blog on Friday!!!xx

  7. Oh my...I will have to forage for those things.......hmmmmm. Sounds fun and I can't wait to see what the others all do!

  8. Yes! I would love to join in! I collect yellow rose items! That yellow rose cake plate is to die for!! What do I have to do for that??? LOL!!

    Yellow Rose Arbor

  9. This sounds so fun, count me in. I am a first time vistor here, but I love Roses. And Yellow roses are Friendship Roses :)

    Angie :)

  10. Count me in.... xo Lynn

  11. Yellow Roses are my favorite. Count me in on this one. I just found your blog, and I really enjoy it.
    Love Erin~

  12. I just found your blog, it is so neat. Can't believe you are giving away such a lovely umbrella! crystal

  13. Oh, I would like to be included in the yellow roses blog. Thanks for hosting it and I look really good under yellow rose umbrellas.

    :) Bren


  14. Count me in....better get thinkin. xoxo,cherry

  15. Polly i will be here with (yellow) bells on.
    count me in!

  16. Polly, I hope it is not too late to join in. I have finished my chores and I would like to play:)


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