At the Flea

We hit a flea market yesterday! One particular booth had 50% off everything so I got some sweet vintage tins. They will likely be ebay items soon. Maybe I'll fill them with fabric for the auctions!

I love old sheet music. I think I'll use some of the pages to create... hmmm... well, something. Some kind of Christmas decor would be cool. Scrolls tied with silver ribbons? Any good ideas?

I HAVE to tell you about mom's great find this weekend! She stopped at a garage sale outside of Milwaukee and got rolls and rolls of this gorgeous, rose-covered, wool carpet for $20!! It had been in a house for 3 generations when a spark from the fireplace caught the edge of the carpet on fire. Thankfully, it was caught quickly and there wasn't any damage except to the very edge of the carpet. The insurance company paid for new carpet for the entire first floor. So.... mom got some awesome new/old carpet! AND I get the leftovers (hopefully there will be leftovers)!!
Another umbrella - I know, what do I need with yet another umbrella? But how can a girl resist a lucite handle, tassles and yellow roses???


  1. Oh, yummy stuff! I especially love the carpet your Mom found! Delish! Gotta love those flea markets and garage sales.


  2. Polly that umbrella gave me palpitations!!! I love it-yellow roses are my fave!! You will look so stylish carrying that around in the rain!! Enjoy it and have a lovely week! xx

  3. Beautiful finds, all, but I am loving (and wanting) that GORGEOUS carpet!! Oh my!!
    Glad you found some pretties.....
    Please stop by my blog today; I am having a tea party!

  4. Love that umbrella!! and I have that same rose bud tin! I use it for my cookies! What a good time you must have had!

  5. Well let's see. I love yellow roses. I love parasols and the romance behind them. And the rug is gorgeous. So I'm jealous, nuff said!


  6. What wonderful things you found at the flea market. The yellow rose umbrella is beautiful. How lucky was your Mum to get all of that pretty rose carpet. Hope there is some left for you.

  7. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. It is such a blessing to know my daughter is saved. Without knowing you left a comment on my blog I bookmarked yours earlier today! How funny is that! I love your blog!


  8. Oh my gosh - that carpet is out of this world and I love umbrellas - I found an old red one years ago at a vintage clothing show- it has a red lizard case. So cool. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. WOW - just scrolled down on your blog and I HAVE that french cookbook and cook out of it all the time! Someone should snatch that up! It looks great on a kitchen counter!

  10. WoW! you really had a score at the flea! and that carpet looks really have great taste.

  11. OK, I AM LOVIN ALL THIS! antique, biblical woman, definately be back! I LOVE OLD ANYTHING, havent had to many vintage inspiring posts as of late, but stay tuned. thanks for your comments!
    God bless you!

  12. I love your blog, I love Jesus-Christ and I love "Ann on the green gables" too...
    "the little women" "little house on the prairie", patchwork, romantic and country homes !
    Congratulations and God bless you !

  13. What wonderful finds! I love the tins and your mothers carpet is to die for!

  14. Omgosh! I LOVE that carpet! You could just roll me up and bury me in it!

    I'm swooning over the umbrella though, I love umbrellas! :)



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