If I have time, I may post again later today but the first thing I must do is say thank you over and over a thousand times to Sophie Honeysuckle for the amazing gift that she sent me!! Isn't it such a rare treat to get a package all for yourself? And it's even more rare when it stuffed with pretty things from another country!! When I have a bit more time, I will take some individual pictures but I just had to show all of you what fantastic things I was puttering around with all evening. I am taking my time looking through the Cath Kidston catalog as we can't get them here in the US! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I stumbled on the most beautiful ebay auctions last night (the guys were watching one of those retarded comedys that frustrate me to death). I just had to share Simply*Shabby with you. Have you ever seen such a gorgeous old photo album?! She has some barkcloth up right now that I want, want, want! I know I shouldn't even think about it but I'm "watching" the auction anyways.
Again, more pretties! Definitely hop over there to take a look!
Well, I must hit the school trail. I hope to post again later. Blessed moments to you today...


  1. "Brown paper packages
    Tied up with string
    These are a few
    Of my favorite things"

    There's nothing quite like getting a package in the mail. What a thoughtful gift. :)

  2. Polly, yummy stuff for sure. Thanks for visiting my blog this morning. I find that I am willing to pay a higher price for something in an antique store or flea market than I will for the same item at goodwill or a garage sale. Is that true for you? I think it is just a principle thing. If I saw that Bo Peep at an antique store for 9.99 I probably wouldn't have hesitated. Maybe I'm weird or something (okay, I know that I'm weird-ha ha) but I just think $10 for it at goodwill was too much. I'm surprised that someone else didn't snatch it up. I guess I was meant to have it.

  3. An overseas package - all for yourself - now that's what I'm talking about. It could be the same things you can get here but the fact the someone took the time to mail you a package from their homeland...sweet and precious is all I can say.


  4. What a nice friend you have!! Great stuff!!

  5. Polly, what scrumptious stuff! Both in your gift and the ebay seller you told us about!

  6. Hi Polly! I'm so glad you liked everything and relieved it all got to you in one piece! There is something so wonderful about getting an overseas package isn't there? Enjoy everything! By the way, I am trying to get you hooked on my favourite Yorkshire tea...

  7. Hey just a quick note, I posted a pic of the camper, When you get a chance stop by! No awning yet:-( soon I hope!

  8. That album is to die for! And that oval framed roses piece too :)

  9. What a wonderful, thoughtful gift! Thanks so much Polly for introducing us (me) to Sophie Honeysuckle and to the eBay site.

    That's what I love about your blog, you always have so much to share and pass on! If I didn't have you I probably wouldn't find half the blogs I have fell in love with. :)


  10. Simply*Shabby has some lovely things, thanks for sharing!


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"Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting."
-- Author Unknown

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