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The bowling in my head is not quite so rumbly today - Oh, blessed quietness! Mom and I are headed out with all the kids (her 3 and my 4) up to visit a beautiful store we used to rent space at and to have a picnic (if it's not raining) and perhaps hit a thrift or two. These are some photos of our current place. I took them with the cell phone camera so they aren't the best quality but certainly better than I expected. Who would've thought when we were in highschool that you could take pictures and access the internet with a phone?!

I've been thinking over the "Nice Matters Award" and I know that I don't have 7 names ready yet, but I have a couple...

1) Holy Experience (Though I'm sure Ann will gracefully accept, she isn't one to care about an award - but rather that her words always point to Christ. Nonetheless, I am daily inspired by her blog in a spiritual sense and spiritual inspiration is the crust of what keeps me counting my blessings!

2) Four Sister's In a Cottage (Amy has already received this award and passed it along to all the gift givers and her blog friends, she deserves to be mentioned as one who inspires niceness and generosity! I'm not going to give her the extra work of responding to this as I know she doesn't have the strength right now, but if you would visit her blog and give her encouragment, I would appreciate it.

3) Sophie Honeysuckle - because how can you NOT be inspired by her blog??? Every post is lovely and makes me want to play nicely with others! I haven't let her know yet but somehow I think she's been awarded before...

Aren't these pillows lovely? They are hand painted and then embelished with vintage items!
I spied this little sweetie yesterday and I just adore it! Those are strawberries on the top.

This gianormous lampshade was in my famiy room but I took it over yesterday because I needed to replace the swimsuits that were hanging in this spot.
This was the little corner that kept catching my eye! I LOVE that old child's bed. There are several of us who rent areas in this amazing store. This area is one that I always have to check out.

Found two little ceramic cry babies up north on our big buying trip...

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  1. Me again!! What gorgeous photos!! Congrats on your well deserved blog award!!And thank-you for nominating me for the Nice Matters award! I have been awarded it before, but it's still lovely that you thought of me!!!


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