Romantic Moments

A canyon wedding at dusk.... Oh, it was so lovely. With a horse & carriage!! And someone even commented that my outfit looked romantic. Hmmm... that wasn't the thrill of my night AT ALL =) If I could add a little romance to every piece of life, I would.
Of course, then there's the reality of life... Our little ones who have to go potty just before the groom kisses the bride... Our middle child who is usually comfortable anywhere but gets a stomach ache and sits with his head on the table for the entire reception (which we only saw about 45 minutes of due to oldest child)... And oldest child, the teenager who just returned from a week at camp, is pouting at not wanting to be home (and later throws a fit in the car that left me in tears).
The reality is this... most romance is outward, something we see. What a blessing that Christ gives us a way to have real joy and real peace and real love and real happiness admidst it all (Galations 5:22-25)! Without Him, romance is like a rose in vase, beautiful but short-lived.
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  1. Looks like an absolutely lovely, lovely wedding! And is that tiny peek a bit of your outfit? It looks exquisite, like an heirloom antique. I'd love to see more.


  2. Oh, thank you for not commenting on how difficult my children sound =) The outfit is actually from Newport News/Spiegel. They've had some really great victorian style stuff in their last couple of catalogs. In fact, so great that I had to put the new catalog right in the trash in order to keep from buying more!

  3. I know EXACTLY what you mean about Spiegel having some great Victorian-ish stuff lately. I've been waiting and waiting for their Fall catalog to show up in stores. I managed to get DH to promise me a new wardrobe if I made it to my weight loss goal. I'm hoping the new catalog will keep me on the straight and narrow dietwise.

  4. Polly, this spoke nailed it. Hammer, hammer, hammer.
    Isn't romance but an outward figment? And so easily spoiled. But Christ--ah, CHRIST!
    The unwavering, passionate Lover of our souls.
    Thank you for sharing. You bless me.


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"Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting."
-- Author Unknown

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