Inspiration Friday

I thought I'd share some thoughts on a movie I saw last night but first, here's a couple corner shots of the sewing room. I've been wanting to make a lamp like this for so long. I hated to cut a hole in the top of that vintage hat but a house fire would be even more unfortunate!!

This is the side of an old crib. It works perfectly for hanging barkcloth curtains! These are some of my favorites so I'm thrilled to have them out in the open where I can see them.

This is the movie we watched last night, Ladies in Lavender. The scenery was gorgeous. The cottages were inspiring with all the stone walls and curved staircases. I thought the story line was sweet but hubby was disgusted and said it was ridiculous. These two older sisters find a young man washed up on the shore outside of their cottage. He has a broken ankle. He's polish and doesn't speak english. While he is recovering at their cottage, one of the sisters is falling in love with him (yes, she's old enough to be his grandmother). It's worth watching for the pictures and it's a little endearing to watch this old woman's heart breaking as, of course, she knows that she's too old for a relationship with him. He, of course, is attacted to a young neighbor woman.

59) A husband who spent an hour trying to hang my crib rail =)
60) Birds that swoop and sing and live outside my back porch
61) Night time chirpping that serenades me as I take the dogs out one more time before bed
62) Flickering sunshine as the curtains blow in the breeze
What's this list about?


  1. First I have to say that I love your new lamp!!!! Stunning! And second, I loved that movie! I rented it about 6 months ago. I love all the actresses in that movie. So, I rent anything I see them in.

  2. Adore those vintage textiles on the ladder! I love the look of primitive and feminine combined. Very, very pretty.


  3. It just goes to show that one person's clutter is another person's inspiration =)


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