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Oooooh I received this "Wedding Bouquet" so appropriately timed this weekend! It's an Etsy purchase that was an amazing deal! I think I may use it to make a cushion for the odd little loveseat I now have in the sewing room. I'll try to get a picture later for you. Why do I need a loveseat in the sewing room? So that my little ones will play on it and visit with me!! And also, it's a good place in the Winter for taking pictures for ebay listings. I'm thinking about selling a few things on Etsy. Do I have time for that? Well, if you notice a link off to the left sometime soon, you'll know that I decided to give it a whirl.

I was reading over at Brocante yesterday and saw this darling pinboard from Vintage Home. What a cute idea! Hers is digital which makes it even more artistic, but I think I may make a "hard copy" version soon!
As I looked around her blog, I had to stop to drool over her mannequin! I'm definitely going to cover a mannequin with delicious fabric this week!

I have wanted to do that ever since I saw these in the window at Woodfield Mall a few years ago. Does anyone have any idea how slipcover a mannequin?

Look at this mannequin... I'm not sure if it's a full size or a child size. The shift style dress is actually for sale on Etsy and it says that it fits 2/3 up to 5/6 so I'm thinking it's a little girls size. Anyhow, all the colors together with the old doll mannequin just pulled me right in. I love how she put all those different florals in the backdrop.

So as I'm browsing at Etsy I came across this ladies hat. Doesn't it look like something from Cath Kidston? But it's made from a vintage tablecloth. Love that!

Oh and you should definitely see the Sophie Honeysuckle blog! I'm going to add her to the favs just so that I can eat lunch everyday looking at her wonderful pictures! Since she has such a fondness for Cath Kidston, I had to check out the site and see what's new. Perhaps those of you who check the site everyday for new things are more familiar but my jaw dropped when I saw the Gazebo!! I heard tell that there will be a US Kidston website up in September!
Well, it's time to get ready for Sunday Lunch at Mom's House...


  1. Hello-first of all, can I say I LOVE your blog! Secondly-you're tagged!! 8 random facts all about you! Maybe one could be about where you found your gorgeous 1940's wallpaper-I'm drooling over it!!
    Lastly, thanks so much for visiting me, and the gorgeous mention about my blog-you made my day! Hope you are having a lovely time at your mums!

  2. Thank you for loving my blog - it really means something coming from someone with such a lovely blog herself! And, just so you know, I really wasn't fishing to get tagged. I just wanted to make sure it was ok to use your picture as a link =) I'll have to think on what random things I'll expose about myself. The wallpaper I found on ebay. I got mine fairly cheap about a year ago. These two ebayers have some amazing vintage wallpaper but they're a bit pricey: vintage-papersales and rosiesstuff

  3. Thank you so much for giving me such great leads to other blogs, shops and sales!

  4. I will definitely be browsing American Ebay now for vintage wallpapers like yours! Thanks for the link!

  5. This was my first visit to your blog, and I've had a wonderful time here reading tonight. Your pictures are yummy, and I like so much of what you "showcase"! Thank you!


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