My Pink Kitchen

I did it! I managed to clean up and clear off enough surfaces in the kitchen so that a few spots were acceptable for pictures. Several of you asked to see more of the kitchen but, honestly, I'd just be mortified if you saw how not romantic it is in real life! So I only took pictures of the things that I deemed blog worthy (oh, come on, you know you do it too.)! The reality is that I have brown laminate counter tops that are 1st on my list of improvements. And I think I have hubby talked into helping me get the cabinets painted before the cold weather sets in!! I'm in the process of making curtains that will match this stand alone pantry (Sis Boom fabric).

I bought it at my very favorite barn sale last Fall. I go every year -- in fact, one Fall I took a group of ladies from the church on a tour of all the best barn sales. We had lunch by the river - it was so wonderful! Anyway, back to the pantry... It was originally black. Because the barn sale is always held in the Fall, the husband and wife team have one room that's themed for fall colors. The husband makes the cabinets, each one different, and then has a local iron worker create the door. I had to have this baby on layaway for 3 months before I actually got to bring it home. It was ok though because it felt like a really great Christmas gift! Once it was painted, I hemmed some fabric and attached ribbons in order to tie the fabric to the door. I've changed it a few times but I think this one is going to stay through the Winter.

I have a very small kitchen by modern standards but it was this kitchen that made me want the house so badly. There's a carved out nook area where I'm guessing used to be some kind of wood burning oven (there's a chimney directly behind that wall). I have my computer desk in that area now. The bistro set was a reward to myself when I had to work some long hours at one of our local legal offices. That little door behind the flowers is my beloved laundry shoot. We have a full 3 stories not including the basement so, believe me, this laundry shoot is a life saver! Just off to the right of this photo is the basement door and just down the stairs to the left is a room that sits entirely cut off from the rest of the basement. Although the kids think it was a dungeon of some kind, it was actually where the food was stored. Because it's nice and cool down there, they could close it off and preserve the food longer.

The chandelier... I waited about 2 years before I changed out the ugly florescent light because I wanted just the right chandelier. The room is small so it couldn't be something too large but it had to have enough arms to give good light.

The pink stove... Now the pantry stands next to it but at the time this picture was taken, I had a rolling island that came with some stools so that my two little ones had a spot for snacks. As with every other room in the house, the kitchen is always changing.
There are a couple of invaluable items (outside of the obvious appliances) and this little rolling table is probably the most invaluable for me. When we bake, my daughter uses it for all her stuff, when I have alot of paperwork to spread out - that's where it all goes. It's just a multi-purpose table. Those old pine floors... the realtor that owned the house (he was flipping it) bought new hardwood to put in but I was absolutely adamant that I wanted the old floors to stay! They're hard to keep clean but, I love them. We have hardwood through the entire house - not even a lick of carpet - but this is the only room that has the warm, honey colored pine.

Oh, I must be boring you to death by now!! I'll try to not be so wordy... This is the other invaluable item - the pink vinyl step stool. I had to wait a year before the lady behind the counter at Salvation Army would let me buy it. She used it for stacking the inventory. In the window is another old window with fabric behind it. The white enamel bucket holds all the stray socks.

Just to the right of the step stool area is the room that saves me so many messes - the mud room!

In the Winter, all the coats go here. We have old fashioned chicken coop cubbies to hold all the boots and shoes.
And a quick place for wet mittens! (I just glued wooden clothes pins/pegs to a piece of old picket fence.
Well, I feel very strange talking about myself for so long. And I took up Inspiration Friday on top of that! Sorry gals. My house is my treasure (as I know it was a gift from God) and it's about all the stuff I enjoy. Every room is a different style but the style is always old somehow. If my house reflects me, does that mean that I have an old soul (so to speak) or that I'm showing my age???


  1. very pretty! You know you can paint laminate counters don't you? A gal on the shabby chic yahoo board i frequent has painted hers twice, and she did sucha great job of faux painting them, you'd swear that they were tile! First they were green, and now they are pink! You just have to use primer first, and then use a good sealer after you paint! GOOD LUCK! Rosemary

  2. Rosemary, Thank you!! I mentioned to my husband that I thought we could paint them but now that I know someone else has done it successfully, I think I'm going to get that done post haste!! The brown just grates on my every decorating nerve. Blessings... Polly

  3. Polly, your hme is so charming! I love it! Who cares if it has a few aeras you want to change, we all do! Thank you for the beautiful tour:>)

  4. How gorgeous is your kitchen-and to think you said you coveted mine! Yours is fabulous! I love all of your bits and bobs, your step-stool is so me! And, that little table and chairs!! In fact, everything is so me, I may have to move right in lol!!!!
    P.S. you are so right when you said we all have bits of our homes that we don't want to photograph-I have become very adept at 'selective' home photography...

  5. Polly, what a charming kitchen! I love everything about it. I feel I could walk right in and sit down and have a cozy girly chat and a cup of tea with you! I love, love, love the clothes pin idea!

    I wanted to tell you I received my fabric today, and THANK YOU!! What a treasure trove you sent me.

  6. OH OH OH!!! I love everything!!!! The stove is gorgeous! What a treasure to have. Lovely photos!

    your home is absolutely beautiful Polly! I love it all. You have such a way with decorating, everything looks just as it should be. I adore that pink stove !
    I think i shall move into your place :)


  8. Gosh, and gasp! Polly, you have a fabulous home...and yes, it's full of my favorite flowers, ROSES!

    Just beautiful, you have created a haven where all will feel welcome and blessed!

  9. Oh so pretty! Love your pictures. I know what you mean about cleaning up just enough to get pictures. You should have seen the rest of my room the day I shot pictures. Now I'm inspired to clean up other parts of the house to share on my blog. Have a great weekend, Polly!


  10. What a beautiful kitchen and it's pink too!! Really lovely you must enjoy spending time in there - I love everything I can see in these photos!
    Kim x

  11. wow! whens tea???
    to pretty!
    jessi nagy

  12. Hi Polly,

    Thanks so much for visiting me and leaving such a sweet comment. I love your pink kitchen. I am a pink person also. I also love visiting all you creative girls, you inspire me to do some things around my house.

  13. Polly ~ Your home is just precious! Great idea for holding mittens and love that pink stove! Becky

  14. Your home is lovely Polly! And congratulations on the feature in Romantic Homes magazine! What a nice thing!

  15. Polly,

    YES you CAN paint laminate counter tops! As a decorative painter or faux finisher if you will I have done it before and just as Rosemary said it can be done, the surface has to really be roughed up first and there are special primers out there to help bond the paint as well as special paints. Let me know if you want any more information on it. I will actually be painting mine soon since I'm "re-doing" my kitchen and am not able to afford a granite, tile or other new surface.



  16. Oh Michelle - any help would be so wonderful! I'll keep an eye on your blog and when I get closer to actually have 5 minutes to start a new project, I'll need your help for sure! Thanks. Blessings... Polly


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