How in the world did I fall so far behind this week??? Certainly it's not because blog surfing is more fun than working =) I did a little sewing this week, a little mannequin decorating, a little reorganizing... Little being the key word for all of it! Here's a couple things I worked on... This is another one of my mom's old prom dresses. She told me that it used to be a pink/gold but over the years it's faded to just a barely gold. I added some striped taffeta - reminds me of the print I picked up earlier this Summer at our neighborhood sale.

I've always wanted to try making one of these. A rose pillow shaped like a rose - all out of barkcloth. No, it wasn't my own idea I'm afraid. But it was fun trying to figure it out. I'm going to put it on ebay tonight. I have about 10 auctions to get listed so I'm going to go computer blind before I'm done. Here's another thing or three I'm going to list...

I used old tablecloth & curtain fabric to make some tea towels.

When I switched the guest room into a sewing room, I changed all the wall art so now a I have quite a few things that I'll be putting on ebay. A couple years ago we had some visitors from Hawaii, a mom and her daughters. They loved the ruffly bloomers. I used to have all kinds of things framed - vintage formal gloves, baby gowns, etc. So I'll list a few here and a few there.

My friend, Deb, and I had so much fun the other day gift hunting! We went over to our own store and just rummaged through everything in order to fill our gift orders. (I'll explain more after I know the gifts have been received.) We found two of these little tapestry cushions behind the counter and when we inquired about them, found out that they were just brought in by a woman needing some cash. She had purchased them in France a very long time ago. How could I pass that up?! I suppose if you live in France, it's not nearly as exciting. But here in the Midwest US, french chic is oh so sweet.
Well, I'm off to start listing. Have a beautiful Saturday (hey, it's sunny here today - wow!)


  1. Oh, Polly. I came over to leave a note to thank you for leaving a note on my blog and fell head over heels in love!! I LOVE YOUR HOME!!!!!!!!! (I scrolled to find your stool! Happy for you, isn't it cute?) And, I did see the picture of your stove in Romantic Home, you lucky girl! I am adding you to my links and will definately be back! Love, Esther

  2. Esther, You're way too kind! You should see all the messy corners that are hidden just out of the camera's eye =) Blessings... Polly

  3. Oh my Polly!! I absolutely love your blogs! I spent a ton of my time today reading your blogs today, then I visited your wonderful "French Friend"! Thanks to you, my day has flown by!! lol...
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting. Where in the world do you live? I was raised in Freeport, Il. and most of my family still lives there! I've been to the "Pec Thing"! and loved it! I couldn't stay as long in Illinois as I wanted to, because of the flea market in Ohio. But there's always next year! Maybe if your close we could meet at "The Pec Thing" next year?!
    You have a sweet home Polly, I simply love it!
    In Friendship,

  4. I love that little French pillow! Just so adorable.

  5. Michelle, I would love that! I'm in Rockford - very close to Freeport. It would be a lot of fun! -Polly

  6. Polly, everything on this post is so gorgeous! I love your rose pillow, and the little french one too-what a beautiful collection of things you have in your home!! I just want to keep looking at your photos! I know I've said it before, but that wallpaper is so me!! Sigh!!!

  7. Sophie, believe me - beautiful to look at but a brittle pain in the butt to put up! =) Blessings... Polly

  8. Polly! HI! I have to comment on those framed darling little ruffled bloomers! Just so cute! Your blog is wonderful! I am sure that I will be back! Thank you for visiting my blog today and for your very sweet comments about my work and blog.
    Southern Lady's Vintage


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