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Once my excitement leveled off yesterday morning from seeing my old stove in the magazine, I came crashing back to the reality that we're still a homeschool family and I needed to get organized. We have so many book shelves and cabinets (even an old Hoosier) filled with workbooks that I couldn't find the particular things I was looking for. So I started pulling out the items that we didn't need this year. You can imagine what that led to... Instead of cabinets bursting at the seams, I had stacks and stacks of books on the floor. But in the middle of the mess, I found all these notecards and pretty pieces of stationary! Once they were all in the same spot, I couldn't believe how many there were. So I guess my fabric addiction has spilled over into notecards too! And for those of you still waiting on fabric, I've fallen a bit behind in my schedule this week but I'll be mailing the rest out over the next day or two.

In case you're wondering what a day of homeschool might look like... it's books - everywhere! Our two oldest boys are attending the local Christian school so I actually have a light load this year. Believe me, if you think you're smarter than the average highschooler, try teaching geometry & biology! And I'm so fortunate that this year my daughter gets dropped off at our homeschool co-op on Wednesday afternoons and I get a few hours with only my 4 year old sweetie! (yes, they both cried when they realized that they weren't going to be together for the afternoon.)

So after we stopped by the store and had a little bike ride, I took a moment to organize a drawer. Once upon a time I was going to make a wind chime from old spoons but, alas, it's another project in waiting.
And completely off the subject... I had to show you this! Of course, I love these old laundry carts but what I'm so jealous over is the pink door and the aqua house!! Not to mention that my hydrangea has long since been drowned by all the rains lately and her's is simply gorgeous!! (The cart was up for auction on ebay but it has already ended. I just got sucked in by the colors. ) Can't you just imagine what lovely things lie beyond that door?! Certainly not books all over the floor or dishes in the sink or children screaming, "Doo Doo Head" at each other! Surely it's romance and roses and beautifully organized drawers!
Changing the subject again... I stumbled on another wonderful blog - I hope you aren't getting sick of hearing about all of them. There's just so many talented people out there!! I love the opportunity to peep into artistic and beautiful homes. I didn't have much computer time yesterday but I was fortunate to have found my way to a most fantastic blog... If you have ever dreamed of life in Paris... wondered if it's any more romantic or adventurous or somehow better than your own life, you must visit the Tongue In Cheek blog. I can't wait to take more time soaking it all in. She has wonderful pictures and stories of her daily life in Paris.
71) Sunshine!! There's been so much rain, sunshine - even just a ray or two flickering through the leaves - is so wonderful.
72) The slight bend of the road and the trees nestled therein.
74) Children singing when they don't know I'm listening.


  1. Imagine how many wonderful hours you will have writing notes and letters on that beautiful stationery!
    Penny, Mosaic Artist
    Lavender Hill Studio

  2. p.s. the pillow that used to be in my reading nook, is in a closet right now, I need a place to put it. I think it will eventually end up on my couch with some other rose needlepoint pillows - but first I have to find some that I love....

  3. Even your clutter is pretty! I agree with you-I love that pink door!! And, the wicker, and the green colour they've used on the wood!!

  4. Wow, that laundry cart is to die for! And you have very pretty clutter :)

  5. I homeschooled my girls for 5 years! It is a gift to have that time with your kids, even if it doesnt all seem like it at the time! Love your pictures of all the pretty stuff in your home, and the listing of all your blessings. We all have more than we know if we would just think about it:>)

  6. Love the pictures! The thing you call a laundry cart we always used exclusively for a shopping cart. A lot of the ladies did not drive so they carted their things back and forth in them...or are you saying that with the beautiful floral lining it is now a laundry cart? Good Idea!! Why didn't I think of that! You see so many of them so done also as carts at the swap that is shopping in beautiful style!! :-) Thanks for the Many ideas!!


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