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I awoke early this morning, against all odds. It was one of those times that my brain knew I needed more sleep but my body wanted to be awake. As I laid there thinking about all the things I have to do today (pack all the suitcases, load up the truck, get the food ready, etc.), it occurred to me that today is July 11th. That doesn't mean much to most people but for anyone who knows our family, it's amazing that the date wasn't the very first thing on my mind when I woke.

Three years ago today our son was in a life threatening accident. He was impaled by his bicycle handlebar straight through his abdomen all the way to his back. He was 13 at the time. It never occurred to my husband and I that a handlebar with a worn down grip could be a weapon. We were at a church picnic. The kids were riding their bikes and skateboards on the tennis court. He hit a rock or a crack or something and the handlebar jerked. He fell into it. He pulled it out himself and because it was hollow, it acted like a vaccuum and sucked out some of his bowel with it. Believe me, it was a sight no mother should see. I still think of that moment, that one vision, at night sometimes. I have to fight to not think about it sometimes. Everyone who was there that day still tell me how the accident has forever changed them. Not just the graphicness of the injury itself but the miracle of it.

The doctors and surgeons all said it was a miracle that he lived. All the residents and nurses had to come up to see this kid who had such a bizarre injury. I guess if you think about it, people die all the time from a stab wound from a thin knife - it really is amazing that my baby lived. Well, I'm not sure if that first year was the life he would have wanted - infections and a year of a non-healing wound; Home nurses; tutors; Weekly visits to the wound clinic; back trouble that kept him out of school for 3 school years (we had to homeschool); 2 years of physical therapy and more recently, 6 months of working with a fitness trainer. But we knew that God had formed his inmost parts (Psalms 139) and He knew the path that handlebar had to take in order for our son to have lived. It was all a miracle - even the healing process. We have all been changed both inside and out. He's going back to school this Fall. Please pray for him that his back will be strong enough to sit for that many hours. And praise God - I did not wake up with this date the first thing on my mind!
I was reading Amy's blog from Four Sister's In a Cottage last night. Her hair is just starting to fall out from chemo treatments. As we went to bed, my husband and I were talking about it and he said, "Isn't it great that God knows how many hairs are on her head (Matthew 10:30) and that's only one of the details that He knows and cares about in our bodies". (-p.s. Found the picture of that fab old clock on ebay - just click the picture.)
19) Time with my son
20) Healing inside and out
21) That God is soverign
22) Peace
23) Warm gentle breezes
24) Laying in bed talking with my husband


  1. Oh Polly,
    I had no idea about your Son. What a miracle, the whole story....I AM IN AWE!!!
    God is Good!!!
    Hugs, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  2. I don't even know if you're going to see this comment now since so much time has passed. But, I wanted to tell you that your faith inspires me, Polly. I have always felt I was pretty strong in my faith when it concerned others. I pray that my faith would as strong if something (God forbid) ever happened to my own child. You're a blessing to others, Polly. We are to go and preach the Gospel to others. You do so everyday. And I'm so thankful to have met you.


  3. What a beautiful and inspiring story... I like Julie agree... I pray that my faith would be that strong..and you most certainly are a blessing




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"Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting."
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