Crazy Sexy Cancer

So did you watch Crazy Sexy Cancer last night? It's a documentary of cancer survival - not living past cancer but living with cancer. I thought it was very original and real and even beautiful (cancer meets urban chic). I watched it for Amy but I ended up taking with me a nugget or two of advice on how to LIVE. One of the gals talked about her 10 year struggle with this disease. She said something like, "It's here. It's never really gone from your life. So you can fight that fact or you can accept it and figure out how to have a life with it." It made me think of my situation with my ex-husband. I've spent so much energy wishing him entirely out of my life and fighting him (because he really is wrong and I really am right, lol)... years! Perhaps it's time to accept that he is what he is and maybe he isn't ever going to really be gone from my life (though I'm holding out for answers to prayer). Figuring out how to live in the middle of it - that the rub! It's a choice I make every morning when I face another day and every night as I lay with my thoughts. Go watch the trailer or visit the blog. To him who is afflicted, kindness should be shown by his friend..

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