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According to my son's literature teacher, blogs are modern literature. Says he reads them all the time. Do you hear that gals... We're blazing a new trail! Ok, well maybe not me personally, but those of you who have been blogging longer than I have... and those of you with such amazing writing ability! Someday this thing we're doing may be in your grandchild's English book. I'd better brush up on my punctuation skills =)

I have loved old books since I was a kid. The smell, the feel of yellowed paper... Ummm, a good old book on a good old sofa on a dark day - there's just nothing to compare it to.

A young mom's Bible with handwritten notes, is even more endearing to me because it belonged to my mom.

Oh, how I love to read in bed! But hubby likes to sleep with the lights off (imagine that!). And I must confess that I dream up all sorts of pretty things to blog about when I can't sleep. However, the thing I do best late at night,when all's finally quiet, is worry! I've learned to pray myself to sleep, placing each little thing in His hand. I could worry myself into an ulcer with all that free thinking time. And my prayers would never fall into the fine literature category, believe me!

My favorite books, even after all these years, is still the Anne of Green Gables series!
There's a 1920's copy on ebay with a buy it now of $60! Be still, my wanting-to-buy-it heart!

And this is supposedly the kitchen at Green Gables. The post card is on ebay for $8.00. Hmm, the dropped ceiling doesn't fit into the romantic place I imagined Marilla and Anne sharing all their stories, but it's cute all the same.
Maybe someday this redhead will have said something worth it's weight in paper...Well, I won't hold my breath =) Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O LORD, my strength and my Redeemer.


  1. Ohh I LOVE Anne of Green Gables too! My Grandmother's family is from PEI so I always felt connect to her.

    I love reading your blog and I love how you have such beautiful pictures of so many you have a pink stove and red hair, so you are cool in my eyes! ;)


  2. I love "old" anything. Books, place settings, stationery, etc. In old books you might find a grocery list someone used once as a bookmark. In bibles you'll find the prayer cards from different loved ones. Old recipes in your grandmother's handwriting that you haven't seen in 10+ years. They evoke memories. The chip in the plate from when Billy was bouncing his basketball. Pressed flowers - I could go on an on. Thanks for the memories this day!

  3. I love reading in bed too Polly! We have lots in common! I also love vintage books, and your bible is beautiful! And regarding what your son's teacher said, well now that gives us a legitimate, cultural, mind-expanding reason for blogging lol!!!

  4. I love to read in bed too, but often nod off these days and drop the book on my head - too many early starts with my son!
    I like to compose blog posts in my head too, but don't you find that the witty words have vanished by the time you come to sit at the screen?!

  5. Oh, the story plots that I was sure could've made the best sellers list! =) -Polly

  6. I love the photo of your mother's bible with her handwritting comments on the pages. Very sweet! I love to save things that have been handwritten by loved ones. I have lots of handwritten recipes which I truly love having. And bits and pieces of family history written by those passed on. Some written on old envelopes or napkins or whatever was handy when they happened to think that it needed to be written down. They are precious to me! I wish we could blog in handwriting!


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