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I was just reading over at Brocante Home Chronicles that blogging turned 10 years old this last weekend. These are my thoughts on the subject...

Hmm, is it possible to feel both old and young at the same time? I'm so new to blogging that I'm just learning all the in's, out's, pro's, con's and importantly the etiquette. But I'm old enough to remember when my work computer was shared with several other gals; Everything was done by keystroke (does anyone else remember Shift F7, 1?); Windows - ha!; The fonts were Amber and Green, only; Floppy Disks really were floppy; There were no pictures on computers - at least not in my law office world; Our "mouse" was the ability to go page up and page down using the quick "home home up/down" feature; We had to tear the edge off the paper after it printed; and "the internet" was a term only the geekest of guys wearing horn-rimmed glasses knew. Has it really already been 10 years since blogging was born??? Oh my... Once upon a time I was the youngest girl in the office...

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  1. I remember that there was only one "PC" in the office, and it was the "special" one that had that *internet* stuff on it... if you had to DIAL OUT or something, you had to go downstairs and wait for someone to get off of it and you could use it... haha.

    I remember being able to message other users on our systems by hitting shift/system request or something like that... and how hard of a transition it was going to the... *gasp* PC. COLOR SCREENS! hehe.

    Now we LIVE on PCs. ;)


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