Sunday Best

Happy Sunday! I found the absolute cutest, most darling, bestest little resale shop yesterday. You're going to LOVE the pictures. I promise I'll get them loaded when I get back in town. It's been fun and exhausting. I love this trip every year because it's a chance to be with extended family and shop for all sorts of interesting stuff. However, it's the time with my own children that I'm most fond of. After all, we've been in a group of 24 people for many days now. We're all ready for some time to cherish our own quirky families. Everyone else is leaving today but my husband and I planned a couple of days for family time. We've been holding onto all the gift cards that the kids get throughout the year for Christmas & birthdays so we're going to go cash in the cards today, go to the acoustic concert in the park tonight, eat dinner someplace out of the ordinary... It's odd how we go on vacation to get away from our routine and our normal life but given a few days, we long for some kind of normal.
37) "Sunday Best"
38) Not wearing Sunday Best everyday
39) That God doesn't care what we wear
40) That His daily motives are always in the best interest of our eternity
41) That His exercise routine of mercy is new and fresh each morning
42) That He requires us to rest, because He knows our daily routine.

What's this list about?

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"Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting."
-- Author Unknown

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