There's nothing quite like a creamy chicken pie with some baked cinnamon apples! I must be feeling homemakerly today as I have been cooking all day. I'm hoping that tomorrow I will be feeling homecleaningish (yes, I know that's not a real word but neither is "irregardless" and yet we all know it's meaning oddly enough). Even some kind of artsyness would be great (again, I know). Oh, how I would love to paint something as if I had some talent! And now I've cooked and frozen dinners but I've gotten no where on my sewing. I suppose that some days are homemakerly and other days are creative-ish.


  1. That looks yummy! I can't believe you spent this hot day cooking! My family gets take-out on days like this.
    Perhaps we can get an invitation on the next 90 degree day???

  2. Smiles! Ok, so here's the truth of it... An elderly neighbor man down the street is recently widowed and I cook for him on Tuesdays. Since I was cooking anyways, I thought, "Well, I'll just bake some brownies too" and "The oven's already on so I'll just pop these apples in for a bit..." So I froze a lot of meals that day and it was indeed, wretchedly hot! But God knew it was the right day for it I guess. We had a new family move in behind us yesterday so we were able to take some dinner over for them. And, in case you should get the wrong impression of me, no - I'm not really that giving and self sacrificing. =)


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