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Where Bloggers Create 2012

Up until recently I have had the unusual pleasure of both a Winter and a Summer studio.  In the Winter months I used to retreat to the former servant's quarters (see it here).  But since my son has moved back home and is using the attic area as a studio apartment, I get to work solely from the downstairs sleeping porch.
It's such a delightfully light space.  With 11 windows and it's own entrance, it's a perfect office/studio.

Everything in this space is 100% useful but probably the most useful is this great old cabinet.  It used to be part of a florist's display.  As you can see, I pack it full of supplies that are constantly rotating.

Yes, I'm using a barn vent as a filing cabinet.  Told you, it's all useful.

I love my farm tables!  My youngest son is dyslexic so when we do school work I need to sit with him and pay close attention to his work.  We bumped two farm tabled up next to each other so Davis and I can both work at the same time.  

Mr. Blessing just fashioned this cutting table for me from a kitchen island.  It's on wheels so I can move it around but what I appreciate most is that it's just the right height.

The counter was from a local store but lately it's usually covered with glitter and ribbons and bits of lace.  When we have sales here at the house, it's our checkout area.  And yes, that is a baking tray as a magnetic board.
I've always got a couple of vintage dressforms around in varying sizes so that when I need to sew or photograph a specific item, I have the size I need.  I know, there are new adjustable forms but I love the old tattered ones better.

Although I'm working from one studio these days, Mr. Blessing and I have a different creative space every weekend during market season. You can check out  Scenes from our Open Air Markets here

Have some fun this weekend visiting all the sweet creative spaces...

I'm delighted to be part of Where Blogger's Create with My Desert Cottage today.  Thank you so much, Karen, for hosting this monumental event!  Please be sure to visit some of the other blogger's studios.


  1. What a lovely lovely space! Love the lace garland on the side of the island cutting table and the paper one around the windows. Speaking of windows may I ask if there is a trick to getting pictures like yours- I have 2 huge windows in my space and have a terrible time photographing it.

    Would love for you to come check my new little creative space out sometime!

    bee blessed

  2. AWE everything is soo pretty and lovely!! It does look like a wonderful place!! Have a great weekend :) :) xo Holly

  3. Oh wow...I love your creative space....! thanks for sharing...and yes...I love the old dress forms too...but I can never find one. I am stuck with my adjustable one...but she's really handy just the same.

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina
    stop by if you wish..I'm sharing my studio space too.

  4. What a wonderful space to create and just *be*! As I tweak my own crafty nook, I too am noticing that I'll need to modify the height of some surfaces to make them more comfortable.

    Thank you for the wonderful inspiration!


  5. Wow incredible space... So large and bright! I love all the wonderful sights and textures. I doubt I'd rarely emerge from a room such as this.... Beautiful!

  6. Polly,
    Your space is lovely.I love how you used vintage items not only decoratively but also very useful too.~~~~Beautiful~~~

  7. Lovely space that I could peruse for hours. :)

  8. your studio is so lovely! just very serene and beautiful! thanks for sharing!

  9. Love your studio and how nice to have had 2 of them. Fun and unique pieces.

  10. It's a treat to see your wonderful workspace! I'm glad you joined the party!

  11. Wow what great pictures. I loved everything. Thanks for sharing. Susan

  12. Polly, this is such a wonderful space, the light would make creating here a dream! LOVE all your amazing photos! xo

  13. This is quite an impressive studio, and I adore the vintage dress form all dressed up in her lacy best. Oh those old shoes. At one time I owned a couple pair of them. Yours are awesome. And that last photo was a treat: sort of like dessert!

  14. Absolutely stunning!!!! Everything is so very beautiful and inspiring ~ I love it all so much, xxoo, Dawn

  15. I love your new space Polly!! I've missed talking with you and I hope all is well there at home...

    Anne Marie

  16. This is a beautiful space and what could be more perfect than a glass cabinet where you see everything. I love that! Thank you for sharing.

  17. So far, your space is the one that has stolen my heart. Every word describing each image touched me.

    Amazing studio, amazing work, amazing blog.

    Blessings, Rhonda

  18. I'm in awe of your space. Everything is so pretty. I love the farm vent, the rustic with the white. I can only imagine what the other studio space looks like. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful creative space!

  19. I'm having such a wonderful time finding all these beautiful blogs! Just wonderful!

  20. OMGOSH- I absolutely love it. The windows are so wonderful...the best part to me because I really like the light. How wonderful that you have the ability to be hands on for your son when he needs the help...but can kind of do your own thing, too.

    Blessings- thanks so much for sharing your special space here- xo Diana

  21. gosh...your studio is fantastic..
    Everything looks so amazing..
    you are a lucky girl to work here..

    Thanks for sharing...

    Love from Marijke ..from Holland

  22. You have some wonderful ways of displaying all that luscious trim! Yum!

  23. Polly I could tell from the first photo that I was going to fall in love with your space, and I was not wrong!!!! Thank you so much for joining the party this year. It would not have been the same with out you. :)

  24. What a lovely space to spend time in and create beautiful things. Thanks so much for sharing.


  25. Hello Polly my name is Suzy - lovely to meet you and visit your beautiful space here. It is full of so much inspirational beauty.
    I love your long counter decorated with laces and oh just everything - it has so much beautiful light and I know how happy you would be creating in there.
    Wishing you much happiness,
    PS Come and visit an Australian blog!

  26. Good Sunday Morning Polly!!
    As always your site is a delight to my eyes....
    ♥♥♥Eye Candy♥♥♥
    Everything is always so refreshingly beautiful...

    Happy Creating!


  27. Beautiful room! I love your window treatment ~ it was the first thing to catch my eye! This seems to be a soothing room as well with the color scheme. I can see it would be easy to get lost in creating in here. Love all our mannequins, too. I wish I had room for something a little bigger, but I content myself with a small wire one. Thanks for the tour!

  28. Love Love the ruffles!!!! Glad to see you not only decorate with such a lovely style but you wear it too......can't wait to check out the ruffled leggings.....LOVE!!!!!

  29. sigh.....what beauty & inspriation!!! thank you so very much for sharing!

  30. Oh my goodness,
    Your studio is gorgeous!!~
    What I wouldn't give for a space like that!!
    And your vintage pieces are to die for!
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Have a beautiful day.

  31. Get the heck out, a table that moves, this is inspiring..
    What a wonderful creative space, lots of light, love it.
    I so love the ice cream glass with the balls of trim, beautiful
    Thanks for sharing your amazing space.

  32. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing

  33. FAB.U.LOUS!! All that space would be wonderful~ TFS

  34. Mmmm, yes, thank you very much for a sip of that lace soda and a stroll through heaven on earth. Dreamy perfection!

  35. so many details to admire here!


    have a giveaway goin' on here:
    and hope you win!


  36. What a great studio..... You are lucky to have 11 windows! Wow - I am a bit jealous - but certainly happy for you. I got some great inspiration from your space - thank you for sharing.

    Many blessings!

  37. such a lovely space to create! love the dressform and bits of lace hanging from the counter edge:)

  38. Love your space! Love your window treatment too fun! Thank you for sharing!


  39. Your space is delightful! Simple charming! I love your lace garland. To work in a sun room is heaven. The attic area is equally gorgeous and I would love that brick wall! I so enjoyed touring your studio spaces, thank you so much ~ ♥ ஆєℓєηα

  40. Beautiful space with amazing light! I love the lacy garland and the dress forms are beautiful!
    How wonderful it must be to create here.

    Really like the "ice cream float"
    at the end of yuor post. :)

  41. What a gorgeous creative space, and booth!
    They are both filled with all of my favorite things!

  42. Absolutely gorgeous. I'd never leave. :)
    Thank you for sharing...and keep creating.
    Much love,

  43. oh so beautiful! serenely gorgeous creative space! love every detail!! i so enjoyed the tour! "merci!"

  44. Hello, Girlfriend! Seeing your studio and the ribbons and the cabinet made me smile today! I have such wonderful memories of the spring market and I can't wait for September!!! I've missed seeing and talking to you. Hugs to you and "Ryan" and your sweethearts. xo

  45. I love all your decorative touches in your room--you've given so many ideas of what I can do in my room. I just love it!

  46. I love the vintage feel of your studio. So pretty. I enjoying visiting. Cheers.

  47. Just lovely! I really like your studio! The window valance is amazing: I may have to copy it if you don't mind. Your floral display cabinet is a stunning piece. Thank you for sharing your beautiful space!


  48. Wow, Love your space, your drapery ideas, and using lace around the edge of your desk it just softens it so much. Thank you for opening up your studio for me to visit.

  49. What a cute way to end such a charming post about your studio! I love the tall ice cream sundae glass filled with twine and cord. I have bookmarked your blog as who knew we lived so close to each other! YOu will keep me abreast of when our local shows are and I do believe I know which booth is yours at Kane County! So fun to meet a neighbor... and thanks for sharing your space! Do drop on by my blog when you get a chance as I would love to have you!!

  50. beautiful...simply beautiful! there is nothing more to be said!!!!
    just me...drooling all the way from Texas...jan

  51. I just love, love that glass cabinet, its a great piece, what a find!!! You have a lot of great old antique and vintage furniture, and the window lets in great light to your whole space. Other thing I like is the antique lace in the glass, super sweet.

    Wonderful tour!!!

  52. Amazing space. You have done it up so beautifully. I am just gobsmacked!! Thanks for sharing, keep smiling and creating

  53. OH POLLY you are just the best decorator LOVe iT ALL ..hugs..P

  54. Your space is so lovely. I love the white and all of the lace. I must find a dress form, your dress form draped with lace is beautiful.

  55. I love your space the gentle and vintage feel of it! Even the lighting is gorgeous!!!!

  56. Your space is gorgeous! I love the vintage feel it exudes, your mannequin is quite dressed for the occasion and your glass cabinet is filled with such wonderful treasures.
    Thank you so much for the enjoyable tour!

  57. Wow!!! I love your gorgeous studio! What a joy it must be to create in such a wonderful, calming space.


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