Silver Sunday

It's finally feeling like Spring here in the Midwest so everywhere we look there are people working in their yards. Mr. Blessing and I have been dragging the outdoor tables, chairs, benches and other pretties from their Winter hiding places. Yesterday several of the neighbor kids came over and helped spread new soil and plant wildflowers. The breezes carried most of the seeds right out of their sweet little fists but it was fun to watch them. I guess it doesn't really matter what we plant... We all know that Neighbor Bob sneaks over and fixes all my gardening faux pas while I'm not looking. Goodness, I love this place. Love silly Neighbor Bob. Love that the yard is already filled with neighborhood kids. Love that we all gather for watermelon parties, laughing & talking way into the mosquitio-y nights.


  1. Love your photo, my mother always used them when I was growing up , she loved fresh flowers! That is a wonderful verse in Proverbs !
    Have a blessed day !
    The Little Things

  2. beautiful photo.. i love flower frogs.. and I got few myself..

  3. Love those flower frogs.
    I have been out looking for some in some time now - wish I didn´t lived for far away (shipping costs you know ;D )

  4. I like the frogs - I have a small collection of them. It's a fun thing to look for. Your post is so pleasant, and your neighborhood sounds wonderful! ::Jill

  5. You have such a pretty blog. I have become one of your followers.

  6. Oh I wish I had a neighbor Bob or at least live close enough to hang outside with you on mosquito-y nights.
    Thanks for coming to the party.....see you next month!
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  7. Your neighborhood sounds wonderful! Every one needs a neighbor like Neighbor Bob. Carla

  8. Hi Polly. Love the silver frogs you've shared today. And your neighborhood sounds ideal!! Have a slice of watermelon soon for me! And thanks, too, to you, sweetie ~ I'm using one of your free banners for my blog!!
    Come take a peek at my silver wall when you get a chance!

    Happy Silver Sunday!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  9. So enjoying spring's awakening here too....
    Love the frogs!

  10. I love neighbors and kids and flowers and watermelon parties...can I come live with you?

  11. Sounds like bliss! Love those little flower frogs too.

  12. Love the flower frogs. I have several around the house, just the best "whatever" piece of old junk, you know? We are a month away from things really turning green here. In fact is calls for mixed rain and snow over the next few days. The only good news is that it is really warm, wet and won't stick for but a few minutes, so anyway, our outdoor goodies are still hidden away, waiting, waiting.....

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault


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