We have a most wonderful alarm system on our house...
Except when I can't remember the code! This morning was supposed to be my alone time. A rare time that I would have the house all to myself. On these rare days I listen to music. I watch old episodes of Gilmore Girls. Whatever my mind can think up to entertain myself.

The kids have SAT testing today so our homeschool classroom is empty (yay!). Mr. Blessing is doing some work with a friend at a nearby office building (yay!). 19 year old Blessing is apprenticing at his grandpa's welding shop and he's 19 so he's always gone (yay! sorta). And it's Grandparent's Day at 12 year old Blessing's school (yay!).

I was eager to drop everyone off and get home to my quiet house. But when I walked in the door the alarm was triggered (NOT yay!) and I recalled quite suddenly that I didn't have the remote. For the life of me I couldn't remember the code! Our alarm is so good that it has separate alarms for every trigger that is set (each door & each motion sensor has a separate alarm). It's double good because it seizes the phone line so that emergency assistance can talk with you directly through the key pad area. So I couldn't contact Mr. Blessing or 19 year old Blessing to find out the code to turn off that silly alarm! The emergency assistance lady was so good that she dispatched several police officers who kindly understood my predicament but couldn't leave the "premises" until they were cleared by the alarm company. And the lady behind the key pad couldn't release them until I gave the right code. In the end, after an hour of alarms so loud the neighbors came outside, it was confirmed that I DO live here.
If you are in the market for great home security system and you're able to remember 4 numbers, APX Alarms work!


  1. OMG how hilarious!!! I'm sure it wasn't that funny to you at the time though, bless your heart:) My mom had this exact same thing happen to her a couple of weeks ago. The saddest part about that is their alarm code is my birthday.... Lol:)

  2. Bless you for sharing that! I've read that an old phone number that you still remember and is no longer in use is a good code. Love your blog.

  3. Too funny!!! That sounds like my kind of luck. I am sorry that you missed a couple of hours of your 'alone' time. I know how important that is to a homeschooling mom. Bless you!

  4. Oh that is funny. That sounds like soemthing that would happen to me. I would bury my head in the sand until it was turned off. LOL

  5. Sorry, I'm laughing at your expense ... great story! Our alarm system, one small yippy dog and a big teddy bear dog with the bark of a killer ; ) ... we never lock our doors, infact I don't even think we have keys to our doors ... even on vacation ... okay, maybe I shouldn't be say this on-line? ...

  6. Thank you for the morning laugh! Enjoy your day!!

  7. Haha! I will share my alarm story. My son who was 11 at the time..took our pooch out the back door. He was home alone and forgot the alarm was on. This alarm can be heard for miles it was so loud. I was on my way home from work when my aunt calls. She asked me for the code to turn the alarm off. I couldnt remember it! So she called my hubby. I guess my son went out the back door, didnt hear the loud alarm going off and police were called. So he is in the backyard with our pooch and here come the police jumping over the fence. And he looks at the police and there a problem! LOL

    I think everyone has an "alarm" story! Thanks for sharing yours!!

  8. I'm sure you understand that we all rolling on the floor laughing (with you, not at you!!!) I'm sure it was NOT funny at the time! I've had something similar happen with a smoke alarm that was so loud I couldn't think straight! Sorry your "quiet time" was disrupted!

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    Valentine Design

  9. OMG, that sounds like something I would do! I know for a fact that it is quite natural to sudden memory loss due to stress under diress. Did you ever get to have your quiet Mom's day alone? I hope sooo.
    Blessings to you,

  10. Oh girl,
    I had to laugh at your post, I'd done that so many times I finally disconnected the silly thing. I had to back & visit some of your older posts. I love your gritty skates, I play with picnik a lot, but haven't tried that. Think I will. Also, love the Christy R. stationary. She's so super cool. Lisa
    PS When is the new Porch coming??

  11. Oh no! But like you said, at least now you know that the system works really, really well! Maybe TOO well!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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