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I caught them! Sugar & Latte... getting a not-allowed lounge on the sofa! But how could I yell when their "boy" so obviously loved it?!

Here's something I learned this week...
Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult, but with blessing... Repay with a blessing!
No, there isn't any real point to this post. Just mishmash =)


  1. Hi Polly,
    What a sweet photo, they all look so happy.

    I agree, Repay with a blessing. Thank you for the link!

  2. Oh, yes, there WAS a point to the post today and I got it!! I'll repent. No one could have said it better that that scripture, sweetpea!

  3. Hey sis I enjoyed the meaning at the bottom of your post - not a bunch of mishmash at all. It's easy to fight fire with fire - it's hard to turn the other cheek and give a blessing in return for a nasty remark or deed. I need to remember this! The photo of your darling boy and those 2 little naughty doggies is PRECIOUS! I love it - he looks totally content! Loved the post sis - xoxo Sher

  4. It is a real post my dear. You meant it from the heart.
    It's just a thing that the dogs are on with their boy.
    I think it's the cutest thing.


  5. Hi Polly,
    Have a nice vacation and thanks for the "preview" before you left. See you. The photo is priceless and I always appreciate the little lessons/reminders from God. Warmly,Deb

  6. What a darling photo of boy and dogs ~ so sweet.

    You have such a pretty web-site and enjoyed my visit,

    Thank you.

  7. Sugar and Latte are so adorable. As is the cute little boy loving on them.

    How do you keep dogs off the furniture? Our poodle would just die if she couldn't lounge on something soft.


  8. Well, are three are cuties.

    And, I love your no pouting sign.

  9. What cutie pies!

    I love your little "repay evil" saying. I know that was meant for me. I just know it!

    And I won't pout over it either.


  10. Well I certainly enjoyed your mishmash Polly!!! And the sofa shot is adorable!

  11. Oh cute ....just look at the three of them!! And my little one always says doggies feel so cute on bare bellies!!



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