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Hangin' Up My Apron

I'm off to Door County for some R&R but there will still be a Friday Flea Market tomorrow! And I've arranaged for a little picture show each day while I'm away. It'll be like I'm not even gone =)

Thought I'd start off your vacation from me with a snap of the steamer trunk that is currently gracing the lower half of my cabinet at La Di Da.

Here's some beach sounds to play in the background today (use the pop-out player - then you can minimize it and listen all day long if you want).


  1. Door in Wisconsin??? That's mine and my husband's favorite vacation getaway!! We spent our honemoon there 3 years ago!! In Sister Bay at the Birchwood. We get to DC twice a year and stay at the Bay Shore Inn in Sturgeon Bay!!

    I've been going to DC for 8 years. Started going there when I lived in Milwaukee. Now I'm in Michigan, near Toledo, Ohio.

    Have a great time!!!


  2. Since you brought back the memory of our Vacation, I re-posted our slideshow of our Door County vacation on our Blog!!! Enjoy!!


  3. You have a really fun time, my blessing chickee! I know you will though.....

  4. I didn't realize that offered the nature sounds. I have quite a few here at the house but oh how fun to have it on the blog!

    I hope you are having a splendid time! Thanks for the picture show!


  5. I hope you have a wonderful vacation. A little R&R sounds really good right now.

  6. Have a wonderful time Sis, be safe and just have a blast!!
    I'll be thinking of you and praying for a safe trip to & from. Chat soon :)
    xoxo Sher

  7. Enjoy your time in Door County. Beautiful area!

  8. Hope you have a wonderful time and who knows by the time you get back to la di da that steamer trunk may have gone off to another home.

  9. Just popping in from Jan and Tom's... Have a great time and a flea market to boot.. How fun.. And your blog is such a cozy, warm place to be.. Kayce

  10. OH goodness! Door County is our favorite place on earth (save Paris of course) We stay in Fish Creek at the Thorp House. LOVE IT!

  11. Have fun Polly!!! I just posted about you ;) Talk to you when you come back!

  12. sigh. . . I'm trying not to be green-eyed jealous of you going off to "the Door"! We have spent many lovely days and nights there, mostly camping. Just last October we were camping in Peninsula State Park and were awoken by something padding around our tent in the dry leaves (translate: BEAR!) Took us a while to go back to sleep! Well, you enjoy yourself, and don't even think about me when you're at a fish boil eating cherry pie! boo-hoo to me!

  13. Hi
    Have a ball, but I can't believe we will be so near each other. I'll be in Green Bay today, just south of you. John and I have gone to Door County forever. We took our children to pick cherries. We lived in Green Bay then. Now we either drive up for the day or stay- We used to stay at Cherryland but it burned down this year. Now we stay at the Evergreen Beach Hotel in Ephraim.
    Do you live near here? Let me know in an email.

  14. I have lived in Chicago all my life and always say I am going to go to Door County!! Please post about it when you get back, cannot wait to hear!



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