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Cottage by the Sea

Just thought I'd take a quick minute (because the kids have decided to stay the night with grandma and the house is suddenly so quiet I could go mad) to show you the wonderful little spot we were blessed with on vacation. I have to toot their fog horn a little!

I didn't realize how content I was, until I got home and cried. And that's unusual for me because I love my home so much.

You can see... I even brought some roses with to keep me company =) Ok well the covers on the living room furniture were more protective but they happened to be rosy too. We had 2 bedrooms, a full kitchen, living and dinning rooms and it cost less than the area hotels. It was so sweet and peaceful - We all wanted to stay longer.

Of course, having the men to help cook was pretty nice too.

And just a short walk to the beach made it even better. If you are visiting Door County, I definitely recommend staying in Algoma at Fisherman's Haven.


  1. Oh it all looks of charming with your little touches of Home....I love to take at least one of my blankey quilts when we travel...among other things!!
    Glad you had such a nice time.

  2. Thanks for your nice comments on my blog! I adore Door County! We used to live near Chicago and would vacation there at least once a year. The best antique-y shopping, with great prices to boot! Sigh.


  3. What an adorable vacation cottage! You can't beat a low price and a place that has those kind of amenities. I love a great deal that is also pretty:>)

  4. What a great place to be!
    I am at peace by the water - I love it. I like the photos and it seems as if the men were busy at work! I love it when mine Grills.. he's the best. I just wanted to say hello! Hope you are well :)
    xo Sher

  5. Sweet chickee, ya got me at "having men to help cook was pretty nice too"!!!! That is a cute cottage.

  6. What a sweet place!

    Grandma took the kids for the whole night?



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