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Shopping Cart Faux Pas

I'm gonna say this quietly so lend your ear... My husband treats me too well!

He spent a good chunk of his loafing-about-watching-tv time this weekend working on the shopping cart for my website. Finally, finally -bless his super sweet heart - he got the shipping problem fixed!! No more ridiculous shipping charges... we think =)


  1. Ohmygoodness, would he like a second wife?!?!?! Truly, I'm married to a sweetheart also. He does anything I ask him and I have confidence that my Love Bunny can fix ANYTHING that needs fixing. I didn't come with my own toolbox when we married so I'm clueless unless it involves a hammer, measuring tape or
    screwdriver!! ;-)

  2. I'd like to add your blog to my links...just gorgeous photos and lovely spirit! I've really enjoyed looking at all your posts!


  3. A good husband is a good thing...a husband that can fix things is a great blessing indeed!

  4. GREAT husband!!

    Polly...thanks for the prayer for my Great Niece, Autumn. It means alot!


  5. Can you say "my SQL"???
    (shopping cart lingo...)


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