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I've been saving calling cards. No, not for any particular reason. They're just pretty. Wouldn't they make a lovely house of cards? A house of friends! Do you see yourself in the pile? (you can click it to enlarge).

I love the phrase on this one!
Complete this fill in the blank phrase: Friends don't let friends ...........!

(It's my tote-along-picnic-pillow in case you were wondering what that thing is. Those gals have been to the beach with me more than a few times. Wish I looked that cute in a horizontal striped bathing suit!)


  1. I'm sure you look adorable in "anything", honey!! I do the same thing with pretty calling/business cards, but I hang them on message boards or my famous/infamous trellis! I have to have beauty around me at all times and in "ALL" places in my home even laundry and bath! Take a look if you don't believe me! LOL
    Smoochies sweet chick,

  2. friends dont let friends where horizontal striped bathingsuits!

  3. That bathing suit photo is so funny!

    Happy week!!!


    PS. your home is lovely, I saw the photos a couple of posts earlier!!!

  4. Love the tote Polly! Friends don't let friends get too serious....Hugs,

  5. Ha! Yeh exactly why do they make a swimsuit with those kind of stripes!? And I love the calling cards, what a grand collection! They look so pretty all together.
    Hope you are enjoying your week!


  6. Friends don't let friends ....veer off the path to rightousness.

    Hey Sis! I see a few of mine in that pile of goodies!!! I do the same thing - I have absolutly TONS of Business cards, Notecards, Special toppers from business peeps - one of my favorites is the Magnet Postcard (which I have on the fridge holding up the 10 Commandments) The Counting your Blessings Postcard Magnet YOU sent me!!!

    Women of that era were considered "the most beautiful" so of course extra fluff around the middle and horizontal stripes probably drove the Gents mad. haha! I vow to never wear stripes. Ever. Again. End of Story.
    love, Sher

  7. Friends don't let friends pay retail!! LOL

  8. Love your picnic pillow Polly!

    Friends don't let friends eat pancakes alone. Every other Friday my dear friend Mary and I go out to our favorite restaurant, The Black Bear, for a pancake breakfast. :) Not exactly on our diet plan but you have to splurge once in a while, right? lol

    Thanks so much for adding me to FFM!

    Your free blog banners are lovely, thank you for being so kind!

    Carol Anne

  9. Friends don't let friends pass up a piece of cake. LOL!!

    Leave it to me for it to be about food.

  10. I do see mine! Peeking out at the top!


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