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Going to The Polls

I've found a whole new avenue of blog addiction! Changing the look of my blog! But it's come to my attention that some feel that changing your blog appearance too often can give a wrong impression. I sorta lump it in with my theory of "infinite arrangements of joy" but I don't want to be an enabler so tell me what you think...


  1. Polly, Change away! I have you to thank for the new look on my blog. Didn't think I could do it myself...but I did! Keep up the good work.

  2. I say it is your blog to play with as you want.

  3. I think your blog is your own personal playground and you should feel free to change it as often as you like. I really enjoy seeing the many ways you express yourself creatively here Polly:>)

  4. hey creative people need to create...part of creating can be re-decorating (husbands hate that word I do believe LOL)...your structure stays the same, you are just changing your 'curtains'.... p.s. how do you change your curtains....hmmm, share please :0)


  5. I love seeing all the changes you make. I too will be playing with my blog "outfit" thanks to you. Change away!

  6. I am a creature of habit actually who changes things a lot! Is that an oxymoron???? Hmmmmmm. Oh well, I think you need to please yourself, my sweet thing! Looks great.

  7. You're a creative person who should express herself in all areas of life, including your blog. :o)

  8. Hi Polly oh change it when ever the fancy hits ya(:) I do..I love change.. and all the variety makes life interesting (:) Glad you came over ..Interesting your mammy (:)is a Hairdresser too.. hope you have a wonderful day and a cute haircut~!!!..hugs Patty

  9. Changing your blog just adds to the fun.

  10. Hey Sis
    Being one of constant change - I certainly agree with the masses - Change can be good - but.......

    I want some of those Otter Pops in your last post! I'll have to make a trip into the neighboring town with a Costco...

    It's Freezing cold and SNOWING in La Pine! (insert, Holiday Thoughts here...I'll have to break out the Fall Rubber Stamps I have just to quench my thirst for the Holiday Season 4 months away......)
    luv Sher

  11. Hi Polly...I love to play with change . Plus I am new to blogging so I am really just figuring it out. I am always open to tips..hint hint.

    I was looking at your blog....went to make something to eat...came back..BOOM! Changed. I loved it!


  12. I agree with everyone! I love changing my blog and I have learned to do most of it myself. My topper is always a picture of mine that I love and the rest goes with it. Change away and enjoy!!

  13. Hi Polly,
    Being as creative as you are why not be creative with your blog too. Your blog always looks beautiful! Enjoy & have fun!
    Carol Anne

  14. Change is fresh and fun! Especially when it looks cute every time like yours!!

  15. Hi Polly, nice to meet you. I left my name and a link to my blog for Flea Market Friday but I haven't seen mine on the list. Did I do it right? Thanks for your help and thank you for doing the Flea Market Fridays!

    Lynne Laura

  16. It's one more thing to decorate, right? I say, keep it changing!

  17. I always enjoy visiting your blog, it's always fun! So keep changing things, change is fun.

  18. I love my blog the way it is for now but I just changed the template in my blogshop...for a "fresh" look,,now all I have to do is fill it with "fresh" goods..LOL! It's kinda like rearranging the furniture...or changing out the decor to suit the seasons!

  19. Ah, well, you'd think I'd be changing things all the time given I am in to interior design. But, nope! I don't change it. For one, it is a template and I would have no idea how to make it any different! Two, I am too busy! So, it is a project for someday when I can delegate it to someone else! However, I do make some changes like sidebar photos every once in awhile.

    Funny though, I don't change my house all the time either like some folks! I guess I get things to where I am happy enough and then I move on!

  20. Oh Yes, Polly, change your blog as much as you want!!! I do like avatars to stay the same though.

    I even created a blog just for changing color. It is called

    Canadians add a "u" in color. It explains how to change the wallpaper and trim on a blogger sample template. You just have to change the code. That's all.

    Have fun with it !!!

    Karen at Ciderantiques

  21. I am always up for change! And too find it refreshing!


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