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Casting Shadows

My tiny little office area got a new old painting!

Look at this tattered thing. I love how the canvas is all worn down!

It's hard to tell from the photos but the oil paints are layered so thick that the rose petals stick out away from the canvas - They turn and fall and cast shadows. So cool!

I got it on ebay for $31 plus shipping and I think it was a steal. I love rose paintings. Since I'm always aspiring to be a rose painter (and failing miserably), I really do appreciate art even if wouldn't fetch a big price at a market.

Speaking of art in its many forms, I got an interesting email the other day. Remember that Fairy Festival video I posted a few days ago? The lady that was singing in the video sent us a little note: Greetings! Hi, I am the musician from the Spoutwood Fairie Song which you so kindly posted on your blog site! I just wanted to thank you for including me on your wonderful site. I LOVE your taste ~ we share similar interests in vintage fabric and shabby chic. You create wonderful things with your collection though, while the things I have sit in storage (she obviously hasn't seen the fabric stash)...! I admire the way you proclaim Christ. That is something that I need to do more of.I guess that's all for now. God bless, Janet Spahr --We have new kindred spirit to share our treasure hunting with! She told me that she has a CD out. If you would like to take a listen, go HERE. I think this one is my favorite clip.

One last thing... My oldest son, who has just barely finished his junior year (adding much to my unwanted gray hair collection), as it turns out only needs two classes to graduate! Two! And he can take them both at the local school 1st and 2nd hour, back to back. Hmmm... Opportunity, afterall! "He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust." Surely he will save you from the fowler's snare..."


  1. Polly, we have MUCH in common, sweet chickadee! Roses, trying to learn how to paint roses and failing miserably, gray creeping into my hair (I call it my "frosted hair" and let people think I actually do frost it. They don't say a WORD, honey, not a WORD! LOL Gorgeous painting and I'm lusting after it. I wish I had found it first.......

  2. Your painting is wonderful! I love the texture of it.

  3. Great painting...even greater news about your son. Prayer works:>)

  4. Wonderful mnews about your precious son!!!! I love the painting....Blessings...Mary

  5. What a lovely rose painting you found for yourself Polly. It is gorgeous and such a bonus that the thickness of the paint is able to cast shadows :)

  6. I love your Rose painting - I too dream of painting such! I enjoy your blog so much I have tagged you on my blog for other blog friends to find you! Visit my blog and read all about it - Thanks -you are definitly a Kindred spirit and sister in Christ

  7. Great news about your son Polly. I had a step son with similar acedemic concerns so I know how stressful and aggravating that can be.
    Your painting is simply divine nd from your photos it looks almost photographic as realism. What a steal for 31 bucks.
    As for the Fairy singer and her unique instrument..thats wonderful. You seem to perhaps have piqued her interest in the Lord. I so enjoyed hearing her play and sing and will check out her CD. Sure wish she had a blog.
    miles of smiles

  8. Love the picture!

    I'm so thankful how the Lord put things to right for your oldest son. He's forever faithful! <><

  9. Hey Sis - The Lord is always good to us! Thankful that your son has only 2 classes to graduate! That's great!
    The canvas is gorgeous - I love the texture - and the colors!!
    What a great little email you recieved - isn't this a small world?
    Hugs for the day sweets - xo Sher

  10. Hi Miss Polly!
    Very beautiful ROSY pic. What a deal/steal.
    Hey, Know you are busy, but when and if you have time would you come by thee potting shed? My question is .. how are some ways I can put a prayer request on my site.. and also where do I find cute graphics like yours with the mailbox chickadee?
    Sorry to be a PEST.

  11. Polly, thanks for sharing your lovely painting with us. You have inspired me to display my collection of vintage floral pictures! Check them out, I just posted! Your blog is a real lift to my day. Thanks so much.

  12. I can see why you had to purchase the rose oil painting. It is beautiful a true treasure. Enjoy!

  13. Polly,
    I love the oil painting! Stunning and quite a steal indeed! I have tried to win some on eBay but never get lucky! BUT...I did just win a pair of vintage all sconces with tons of crystals for only 30.00!

    Congrats to your son! How exciting! (for him at least...hehe!)

  14. Beautiful painting~and great news for your son!

  15. Love that painting! And that really is great news about your son! We will survive motherhood (even if we do end up with gray hair), God will make sure of it if we stay on our knees the whole time!


  16. Love this vintage painting! And I enjoyed my tour of your little piece of the blog world.

  17. hello - glad you're joining in on the show & tell sunday ~ see you tomorrow! xo heidi
    ps ~ love that oil painting!

  18. Hi Polly,

    I love your painting, what a wonderful find! I'm so happy to hear about your son, indeed opportunity :) How neat that the singer from the Fairy Festival replied and shares similar interests!

    Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday :)



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