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Goin' To Market

We have a sweet little Farmer's Market right down the road from us.

It's small enough that I can let the kids wander while I peek around. (Those are my two youngest bent down playing with a puppy)
We have some much larger markets in town but this is the one where you can ask for certain types of bread or pies, and they'll make it for next week!
Where else can you get baked goods, fruits, flowers, leafy plants that have the taste of garlic, puppies and handmade soap?! (No, I didn't buy a puppy!! My little piddler is about 70% potty trained now. Then there's Latte, she's in heat but Sugar is too young to know what to do! We have seriously frustrated pooches at our house right now -lol!)


  1. Wish we had more of those Farmer's markets here. There are some weekend ones. One once a month here but more majoring in crafts than produce. The Queen Victoria market in Melbourne (about 25 mins in good traffic) from here is the old fruit and vegetable market that my Father used to arrive at around 4.30 am with a truck load of vegetables. Now it is all stalls but the meat stall and delicatissen area is much the same.
    But too big for me to walk these days without a walker and that is liable to be pushed out from yours looks delightful.

  2. sorry pasted wrong address in that one. Had been trying to add to my feeds and that is not working any more for some reason.
    Cold foggy days here...hard to breath out in the cold. Just trying to put rubbish bins out too late at night.

  3. Oh Don't ya just love Farmer Markets, I need to get out and find some flea markets just dont have any in my area! Hummmmmmmmm donna lynn we need a road trip! oh yeah your going on one to Tennessee! :o( with out me! Sniff!
    Love your Apron, it i so unique, I am thinking I need one, the only apron I have is a Snowman one that you obviously can't wear year round, love yours! Have a blessed day and stop by for tea and see what I did with the place sometime! XXOO Diana Lyn

  4. I love Markets days... here is on Saturdays; and their so much fun!

    Enjoy your day


  5. Polly - I would dearly love to hang around with you for a few days and go to all the fun places you know...and see all the neat stuff you see, and watch and learn as you create your lovely crafts...but hey, I guess I get to do the next best thing by coming here and enjoying your images and words... I thank you for sharing so generously from your has graced my own life many times!

    BTW, the graduation apron is pure genius!

    Hugs and blessings,
    Becky S.

  6. Hi Polly! How ya' doing? I love farmer's markets. We just got a small one out here last summer. He just does flowers and veggies and his wife puts up some canned goods like pickles and jams. Sure wish they would do artisan cheeses and breads and baked goods. yum! ~ Lynn

  7. Oh Polly, those soaps look divine!! I am so glad you have a Farmer's Market..we do too but I haven't been yet. We are a week ahead of schedule here with school..I believe we will be done on Friday...WOO HOO!

  8. What an awesom farmer's market. I make a point to go to ours, but never make it.

  9. I love and look forward so much to our farmers market, it is like an antique fair but with food! always so much fun!!!
    And I have frustrated pooches here too!!!!! Is it in the air or what, lol.


  10. Love the photos! We have a small farmers market down the street from us, that we like to ride our bikes to. They are always fun especially when the vendors get to know you. :)


  11. Very cool market. Wish I was with you. Sweet pics of all.


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