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Don't you wish you coulda been there?? There's a photo inventory HERE. You gotta see the video of her home...

MTV Cribs: Pam Anderson
Video sent by MTV

We have a rule at our house that no one is allowed to watch MTV, VH1 or other music video channels ("garbage in/garbage out" we're always telling the kids) but I saw over this over at Old Painted Cottage and just had to share. I knew that Rachel Ashwell has done some decorating with her but this is some serious vintage scrumptiousness!! (I don't know what "commerical ads" are included with the video so I apologize if they're bad). By the way, last night I learned how to change my background/wallpaper thanks to Colours for You. It's so easy - you gotta try it!


  1. oh my word! I never would have guessed Pam Anderson would have a home like that! I want to go visit!

  2. Polly~~
    Very cool shabby chic place she has I like it.. You would expect her to have black leather and chains (:) hehe
    Shows we shouldn't judge a book by it cover...
    hugs Patty

  3. Well the content is not available for our country. Maybe they are keeping us pure.
    It is an interesting concept but one wonders if it was a whim and know we have done that and a new decorator will bring in the new vogue.
    I am not up enough on my movie stars to know why she moved and got rid of all that lovely stuff.

  4. I am not an MTV watcher either but I loved this. With the exception of the contents of the closet, I am ready to move in. :)

  5. Oh I KNOW! I absolutely LOVE her home! I was so surprised that someone like her would have such great taste!! I guess I shouldn't judge a book by its cover, right??

  6. I heard about her sale but sadly it was after the fact. I would have loved to have gone! Her home is so beautiful and there's something refreshing about seeing a real person behind all of that Hollywood glam.

    Love your new background by the way!


  7. hi Polly, wanted to thank you for sharing about the wallpaper background.You are so sweet to show us this stuff.Have a blessed day.


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