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Pulled a graduation gift out of my hat... er, I mean, sewing room. A gal from our church that likes to sew and knit and be creative is heading to college. Adorned with an old apron, I strung the dressform up with notes of "wisdom" and a baked potato bag ('cause if you can make a baked potato, you'll never go hungry)

Click on the photos and you can read some of the notes.

P.S. Speaking of graduating (from the root "gradual"), my oldest son has finished up the school year at home -whew! I'm going to let my brains rest for a week or so but then we must begin the quest of "where will he spend his senior year?". Pray with me - I know God has the perfect opportunity waiting for him. I just need the clarity of mind to see it... so I'm resting in God, knowing He'll make it happen at the right time.


  1. What a cute apron and idea! I will be praying for God's guidance in the school situation with your son. Only Gad can know what He has in store for him, and for you.

  2. Sheesh, I can't believe I mispelled God. Must slow down, must check spelling before hitting send. doh!

  3. Love the apron - such a cute idea.
    Good Luck with the school issue

  4. Love your apron and special notes! Such a cute idea! God will surely guide you in His direction for your son and you.

  5. What a thoughtful and creative idea. I'm sure this will bring such joy to the graduate. :o)

    As for your son, I encourage you to finish off his senior year doing independent study. His concentration will be keen, with no major distractions. He may finish sooner depending on the curriculum he works on and how much more he needs to do to graduate.

    Maybe go through a private ISP where they'll file the proper forms and issue a diploma and certified transcripts..? I'm an administrator of one of those. Email me if you have questions. No obligation though.

  6. What a darling and creative apron.

    I will be in prayer over the school issue.

  7. Hi Polly! Love that apron..what a lovely idea!! If we finish up here on Friday..then we'll be a week early...and thats my goal....if not sooner...LOL!

    Have a great day!

  8. Hi Polly,
    That apron is darling.
    Good luck with the senior year - I will say a prayer for your family sweetie.

  9. Sis - Fabulous job on that gorgeous apron gift! Creative :)

    Praying alongside you and with you my friend - walking with you every step of the way.

    xo Sher

  10. Hi Polly,

    I will pray with you on this -- we are facing a similar issue with our youngest son, but I know God's wisdom and timing are perfect :)


  11. That apron is too darling, what a creative gift idea! Any girl would love to get that.
    I will pray for you for guidance for next year with your Son, and for a clear thinking mind to see the answer when it is being shown to you! ha! maybe I will use that same prayer for myself, hee hee!

    Smiles, Hugs, & Blessings~

  12. That really is CUTE!!!

  13. Polly, this is just the sweetest gift, the apron is darling and the love notes too! How special, she will treasure it always!!!!

    Glad you are winding down now, I will join in prayer with you for your miracle son...please continue to pray for my miracle son, Justin to regain his strength and be able to go back to work soon!

    Bless you and hope you are relaxing your whole self not just your brain...

  14. Polly, you made a gift from your heart, it really is creative. It's so hard to let go and know that God has great plans for your son. Have a Blessed Day, Bonnie

  15. What an adorbable dress form with all the lovely did such a fine job....very creative.

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  16. That is off the charts creative. Aren't hand made gifts always the best?

  17. I love your blog and have used one of your banners for my new blog. You are so creative! I have schooled 2 children at home all the way through High School and my last one is just turning 10. It's amazing how God has always been faithful to help me see this through. I'm sure that He will be faithful to lead you and your son in the right direction. Blessings and thank you again for the beautiful blog and the banners!


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