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Mystery Hour

Did you give or get a pretty package yesterday? I wrapped mom's gift in her favorite stuff... Cath Kidston catalog pages. I gave her a journal that I've been using to write to her for the last 6 years. Back in 2002, I thought for sure I'd have enough eloquent words to fill the journal in a year and give it to her the following Mother's Day. See what blogging has distracted me from?!
Speaking of journaling, writing and blogging... I rolled up my sleeves, hiked up my skirt and had a little fun on Friday! As if the Blog Flea Market isn't fun enough, what with all that window shopping... Hubby gave me a little thrill by cleaning my truck and letting me take a day off. The whole day in my PJ's, at the computer, playing and reading magazines!! All that playin' hooky was a wee bit productive though... There's some new ALL ROSES banners at Banner of Blessings. Ok, so I didn't really have to roll up my sleeves and I wasn't even wearing a skirt, but had I needed to, I coulda done it! I'm just that spontaneous. Ok, I'm not really spontaneous at all, but I'm thinking about becoming spontaneous!!

Today's Unfamiliar Pleasure: I've been using bloggers new future-dated-posts feature. I actually took off Saturday, Sunday & today by posting ahead of time. We're in Chicago visiting musuems today with about 50 other homeschooling families. I've become a woman of mystery, haven't I?


  1. What a great idea to use the Cath Kidston catalogues as wrapping! I have so many of them catalogues and it's always such a shame to throw them away!!

    Victoria x

  2. That made a very pretty package. A day off is always a treat too! I didnt know about the new bl;ogger feature,yippee! I'll have to try it:>) Have a great day Polly!

  3. It sounds like you had a real good day yesterday.

  4. Love the way you wrapped your Mom's present.

  5. What a great idea to wrap with those pages!
    I am with you on wanting to try new things. Life is starting to look shorter everyday LOL! I want to buy a boat right now!!!

  6. Sounds like your day was great! Hanging out in the decadant!!! LOL!!
    Glad it was a good day!


  7. Mystery woman! You amaze and inspire me!xoRachel

  8. Your day sounds great and I am sure your mother loved her gift. You are always so thoughtful. Have a good time at the museums today!

  9. Blogger just ate my comment...sigh!

    Anyhow...I love the way you wrapped that present. Mine were all shipped without being gift wrapped. I would have hated to open that one...for a nanno second...LOL!

    You sneaky gal, off in the windy city...speaking of wind, it is howling here today!☺

  10. Beautiful way to wrap such a wonderful treasure!

    Hmmm, scheduled starts? Something else for me to learn about !!!!

    Angelic Accents

  11. Nothing beats a day off! Sounds like you spent yours perfectly! I had no idea you could schedule a blog! I guess a learn something new everyday! See, "blog hopping" is never a waste of time!

  12. Very lovely package. I am hoping your day was very special in every way.....Mary

  13. A future post thingy?? How cool is that! Wonderful new thing for the times you need to go on vacation etc.! Great idea...
    I can't wait to pop over and check out the new banners, of course I adore them all...but roses? Oh yes!!!! The roses!!!!!

    Big hugs to you my friend, hope you had a blast in Chicago with all the homeschoolers!
    Donna Lynn

  14. Polly, Come check out this button on my blog. Because you are into so many interesting things I wanted you to know. I think you will want it. xoRachel

  15. What a cute idea to use catalog pages for wrapping. Why didn't I think of that. Well, I'll just have to borrow that idea from you.

    Also wanted to let you know that I mentioned you in my blog yesterday. I love your blog banners and the postcard e-cards, so I thought I'd pass on that info. I attached your links, so everyone else can see you fab blog.

  16. You are a woman of mystery! I too have been scheduling posts and how freeing it is, I must say!

    Love your wrapping paper AND the great idea of creating a journal for someone you love and presenting it to them a year or YEARS later! I love that. You are an inspiration!!!

    Happy day,

  17. You are just a hoot......... I so love coming here to hang out a while..............


  18. Hi Polly! I've been using the scheduled blogger too...comes in most handy with the time difference and all.....
    I am glad you had a great Mather's Day!


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