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Today's Unfamiliar Pleasure: I usually write by the seat of my pants so I thought it might be fun to showcase different topics for a few days. I was inspired by this little quote that I saw in Country Living Magazine. It made me think about how much I love the escape of a good book. (Took this next photo at Anthropologie on Sunday. I'll have lots of yummy pics for you later.)

Last Spring I purposefully set out to read more often. I've always loved to read. I was the kid that built a fort in the pasture and used my pony to carry books back and forth to the "cabin". Then I pretended I was snowed in for a long Winter - just me and my horse and my books. But as I've had children, the reading time has dwindled. Part of renewing my mind this last year has been picking the books up again and heading toward the cabin corner of my mind.

So I'm finishing up book #18 and eager to start the next one. I picked up a whole bunch of books from the Goodwill over the weekend for less than $1 each!!

Here's a few fun, online book things I've run across:

Design your own book cover, using your own photos and text. Here's a fun one for kids to use their own art to design a book cover.

What's your favorite book? Where's your favorite place to read?


  1. I used to read like there was no tomorrow! When I was a kid, I had more hours, less stress, and no kids of my own to tend to or read with. I started reading magazines because they were a quick way to get some inspiration or reading in. Lately I've really been missing books. Really missing them.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Blessings this week!

  2. Love your blog! And finding all your fun 'freebies'! You have a beautiful home and inspirational thoughts. I'm new to the blogging world and look forward to visiting you again...
    Anthropologie is opening up here where I live in a couple of months--I can't wait!
    Stop by and visit me sometime!

  3. I just love reading and can't resist buying books... you should see my Amazon wish list!!!

    I have an hour journey to and from work by train and always say I would never read as much if I didn't work/have that journey!

    Victoria xx

  4. You are so amazing! I'll have to tell you about the "cabin" I built in the woods sometime. I think we are kindred spirits! xoRachel

  5. I'm hosting an "I Live In My Own Little World But It's Ok They Know Me Here" photo challenge. Show us where you sit & write your blog and all the other special things around your space. Indoor and outdoor. I am giving one of my collages, via email, to each person who joins in so let me know in a comment on the Own Little World blog. Anyone is welcome to join.
    Hope to see your Own Little World...

  6. Good jog with reading!! Have you heard of ? I find it very useful to track the books I have read/want to read/am reading. I also like marking quotes in the books I'm reading with little tags of paper, and then typing them out in goodreads to store them. Happy reading!!! Linnea

  7. What a wonderful memory! I, like you and most other women I'm sure, have also lost the art of reading. I love reading and have lost the time to do it, but with your inspirational words (like always) I will pick a book up again. The last book I read was probably 3 months ago, and before I would never go a day without reading. Thanks Polly for helping me remember ME!

    Andrea :o)

  8. Have always read like my life depended on words from books. Two novels a night in high school when I first had access to a Library..even two of them. Trained as a teacher libraian and went on and did Grad Dip Lib and have a lovely collection of Jewish literature from one subject in that course. Have also a great collection of Australian books from Australian Studies. One of my favourites is my children's picture story book collection and then I have books from both Grandpa's. my parents and a life time of study books and lots of books relating to the Christin life.
    My one book that I could not live without (so it has to be favorite) would be my Bible and since I now have so many books, I hate buying but prefer to borrow, so tend to borrow up to 20 at a time and no day is complete without a read.
    Also have a huge music collection, should start selling it off on ebay or something and also a huge collection of Group bible study note type books. We hauled them out recently to help us decide what we would look at in our Thurs night study group. We are starting with Ezra and looking at the minor prophets and I have forgotten more than I remembered of old testament history from my Bible College Days. Getting all the Persian Kings in order has been good fun.
    Maybe reading leads me to write too much......vbg.

  9. Good evening Polly!
    I love the Goodwill for cheap books, that is where I head when I run out! I just got done reading a really silly love novel, I try to read everyday...I can go through a 400 page book in just a day so Goodwill has been a life saver money wise! Don says I eat books like they are chocolate, yummy!
    I tend to sit at my counter in the AM, then if it is nice out I read on the deck! In the evenings it is the girly parlor...
    Thanks for the beautiful visit, I always enjoy it so very much!
    Donna Lynn

  10. Good morning, Don't cha just love good will! I always find a treasure there, I am off to do a road trip this weekend, hope to find a treasure or two! have a wonderful week! Diana Lyn


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