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Seams Like Fun

Have you had a chance to leaf through the June/July issue of Home Companion yet? I was noticing all the different fabric designer's advertisements. Got me wondering how many of them offered free projects and patterns (afterall, we have to keep our free patterns stash fresh!) so I put on my Super-Duper-Sluther's hat and did some investigation. Take a look:

This is one that I especially like. Moda has a fabric/project matcher that allows you to design clothing, quilts, accessories or home items online choosing any of the Moda fabrics and various patterns.

Anna Maria Horner has some fabulous free patterns! I'm still on the hunt for this pin cushion but according to her blog, it's in the new issue of Quilts and More.

Michael Miller's site has free patterns and some really darling projects (look on the left sidebar for "fun ideas & tutorials").

Windham has free stuff too! Patterns for aprons, pillows, quilts, etc.

It's a pricy way to go but check out Bari J's Design Your Own Handbag. Sooo cool! If nothing else, it's inspiration in the waiting.
I'm getting the sewing itch all of a sudden. Maybe today's unfamiliar pleasure should be trying out a new sewing project (?) I bought this funny little footstool at a garage sale a few weeks back. I think it's made out of fabric covered cans. Is that considered sewing??


  1. Wonderful! Free is right in my price range:>) Thanks for all the tips you give us Polly!

  2. Polly,
    I love the pin cushion. Beautiful.
    The stool you found is wonderful. Fabric covered cans, that's my kind of sewing. Your blog looks wonderful, did you change something? Or has it looked this great all along and I am just more awake this morning? Thanks for your visit the other day. I am finally catching up after being out of town.

  3. Theresa@take a sentimental journeyMay 14, 2008 at 8:45 AM

    Hi Polly, I remember my g.mother making one of those footstools. She made it out of bi juice cans.Neat ideal.

  4. That little footstool is definitely kitschy! I'd think it'd be a popular item to sell. Be cuter in a roses fabric, but hey, that's just me! LOL

  5. Thank you for all those wonderful links! My mind is whirling with ideas!!!

  6. oooh i just love all the info you give!!! doll you are so darn creative! i love how you share with all the gals...inspiration!!!!thank you for stoppin

  7. My mom used to make those footstools. They are covered juice cans. I think Hi-C used to come in the cans. This was a favorite when I was growing up...I don't ever drink it now. I think it's basically sugar water. That stool brought back memories!

  8. Wow! Thank you for all the hard work! This is a great resource!!! Have a great week!

    P.S. You should submit this to Heather over a "Freebies 4 Mom's" She would like it back to your site and more people could benefit!

  9. A great list! I'm sharing it with my readers this evening over at

  10. Polly,

    You are a super duper sluether, in fact, you are the best I've ever known :) Darn, I wish I had a machine and the skills that you all have to sew!


  11. Polly, I tried to email you, but couldn't get thru...could you please email me and tell me about the Friday Flea Market? I think I'd like to play, but I'm so new to all this I need someone to 'splain it to me!! :-)
    Myrna (More-Than-Heirlooms)

  12. Ya know..I think I've been bitten by the 'sewing bug' too!lol
    Sewing isn't really my forte' but..there are so many wonderful and easy projects out there..and now free patterns! Thanks so much for sharing Polly.

  13. I love that footstool. It is just darling. If anyone knows how to make it please share.
    I've been told by my vet that our mini dachshund can no longer jump up (and down) onto the couch, so I'm looking for footstools for this very spoiled dog.

  14. All your blogs are wonderful. Thank you for your generosity & sharing.
    You visted me about a week & a half ago during Show & Tell Sunday & I'm finally just visiting.

    Take care

  15. Thanks for the info, we all love a free-bee!

  16. Good Evening Dear Polly!
    Thanks for the heads up on all the free stuff! That is so neat, I would of never thought to look for those sites giving out tips and such!
    Hope you are doing well today, I hope you have a great day tomorrow!
    Donna Lynn

  17. Anna Maria just blows me away with her creativity...and she lives less than an hour from me...sure would like to meet her. And you!
    I think you should make us a tutorial on that footstool after taking it apart ;)

  18. I love fabric and sewing! Thanks for the info on the great sites to check out!
    Hugs, Sherry

  19. Thanks so much for all the great fee stuff. Now I just have to decide which to use first! our blog looks great, you are wayyyyy computer savy!!
    Thanks again!

  20. Hi Polly, I remember when everyone was making those footstools..... made from large cans. Hadn't seen one in like forever until you posted. ~ Lynn

  21. Hello Polly, Just found your wonderful spot and am adding you to my list of talented ladies on my sidebar. Your blog is so soothing and pleasing to the eye. I am certain to return.
    miles of smiles, Darly

  22. What a fun and lovely blog! *Sew* glad I found you. I love, love, love the funky footstool. What a groovy idea!


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