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Stinkin' Inspiration!

My house smells like doo-doo!! While I spent yesterday's warm Spring day looking forward to taco salad on the back porch with my husband, he was making plans to pick up a load of free mulch. And now the sweet Spring breezes have blown in the smell of manure (or some kind of nasty funk - WHAT do they put in that stuff?? Hmm... wonder why it was free).

And I've been appointed a supervisor. Look at her - you can tell that she's just gonna keep giving me those pouty lips until I buckle down!! (mannequins available here) The store has a bare corner that I'm responsible to fill and procrastination has caught up with me! Ok so it's MY corner but geeezzz.... What lovely projects and vignettes can I make in one days time?
Maybe I should retreat to a chaise (I think that might actually be the meaning of Polly in french... "chaise") and ponder the possibilities because, after all, there are so many inspirational possiblities that could strike a person while retreating on a chaise. My husband thinks I've started a collection of them. (Chaise Lounges, not inspirational possibilities.) This one is in his office/the 2nd story sleeping porch and he actually uses it more than I do. I'll bet that's where he came up with the idea for the mulch!!


  1. Oh, that chaise looks so comfy! I want to snuggle up in it and read a book!!
    Nothing takes the bounce out of a Spring day like a load of manure! : ( The smell with go away...or you'll get used to it! LOL
    Take care!


  2. Polly,
    Good luck - you can do it, I have faith in you! Going into my space today to refresh and bring in goodies, but I only have 1 hour to do it - during my lunch! Supposed to be a busy weekend for the store, there is a huge antique show in town that will draw dealers and customers! Great photos! Thanks for making me smile!

  3. I hate when that poo smell comes into the home. That happens where we live from time to time depending on the wind.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It was a pleasure to meet you.

  4. Sounds like it was not fully composted. It is cattle amnure, just composted into rich soil . It should not smell. Love your blog.

  5. Oh that chaise looks soooooooooooooo inviting (:) love it (:) hugs Patty

  6. hehe.. Me again ...just saw your message ~~Yes come stay in my lavender fields (:)
    well I don't have a farm of it yet ..but someday ..hugs Patty

  7. Dear Polly,
    So sorry for your stinky situation...two nights ago I burned the dinner and it smelled like some big animal had died in my house! I went outside to sit in the sun,(that has been a rare thing around here lately), and before I knew it POOF! I burned my entire pan of Chicken fix that I pulled out my wax warmer added some Orange Cake and wax and soon the horror went away! Hope your house is smelling fresh again, and you were able to get your store all done! Bless you today, Donna Lynn

  8. Everything looks all we need is a good book for that chaise!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  9. Polly~ I just love your blog! So much information and fun places and ideas! Thank you for sharing! Happy almost Friday!

  10. Haha! Now when you sell on ebay you'll have to state that these items come from a smoke-free home that smells like poop :)
    I came to tell you that a new blogger needs your help! I lost my banner making ability when our old computer bit the dust with a program I had on it....she made one but it is a bit too small...and you and her are so much alike so I told her I'd tell you to come see her *deep breath* so can you go over? Lea is her name....

  11. Love your new supervisor!


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