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Friday Flea Market

Happy Flea Market Friday! Here's a peek at some new items. You can see all the items HERE. (feel free to use this banner today if you want to spread some Flea Market cheer.)

If you are a seller, Robert from has a message for you:

Are there any additional features you'd like to see in KeepandShare? What is it you and the other Friday bloggers wish you could do with your 'online stores' that you can't? (I'm always looking for new applications for KeepandShare, and maybe we're just a few features away from supporting folks like you even better...) Hey, how often do we get that?? Be sure to get your 2 cents in... If you have any suggestions or ideas, please feel free to email him at

And thank you to the one who let him know that our link wasn't working properly! It should be all fixed now.

The cat was so cute I had to show her again =) I'm posting early because I'm going to be back and forth between the store and home all day, but I'll peek in to answer any emails. Have some wonderful fun flea market hopping!

The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking beautiful pearls...


  1. Hi Polly,
    I am just checking in. I haven't seen you in a while. You are looking lovely as always! Hope your spring is going wonderfully.

  2. Hello Polly, your things are lovely and I noticed a cat, I just did a post on Cat vs Dog and I am now seeing animals all over everyones blogs! Hope you sell all your things, have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend! Hugs to you, Donna Lynn

  3. I am posting here because I wanted to comment on the pink bike. It is fabulous.

  4. Hi Polly,
    You're so funny, you like my porch better than yours!!! Isn't it always the way, we do something in our homes, we love it until we see somebody elses. I do that all the time. Good luck on FMF. I am working so can't participate, no time. Plus sold pretty much everything at my yard sale.

    LeAnn :)

  5. Well ms. Polly.... it was so lovely to see you!!! Its been a while for both of us and I am so happy that you came by... I have missed you and it seems as if you have been one busy lady since the last time I had been around.... I love all the new goings on in your life...

    By the way Josh Groban was there too along with Andrea Boti
    celli and Michal Buble... ( hope I spelled their names right because I am too lazy to get up
    and find out



  6. I love that pink bike. I wonder what the story is behind it. Where did it come from, and why was it left behind.


  7. Polly,
    Love the Paris apartment book but it's sold.You have lot's of wonderful things.

  8. Thanks for sharing your banners. They are lovely!


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