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Foolin' Around

I don't know about you but I'm feeling a bit of Spring fever coming on. Got a few games on my mind that I'd like to play. I'll start with answering a tag... got me with the book tag last week - had me looking through books all day yesterday. Here's the rules:
Pick up a book of at least 123 pages;
Open the book to page 123;
Find the fifth sentence;
Post the next three sentences.
So after reminising with some old pals in some of my favorite books, this is where the pointer finger landed. Told by the subject of Vermeer's famous painting. It's actually more than 3 senctences (never can follow the rules of these tags!)... He borrowed VanLeewenhoek's camera obscura again to look at the scene one last time. When he had set it up he allowed me to look through it as well. Although I still did not understand how it worked, I came to admire the scenes the camera painted inside itself, the miniature, reversed pictures of things in the room. The colors of ordinary objects became more intense - the table rug a deeper red, the wall map a glowing brown like a glass of ale held up to the sun. I was not sure how the camera helped him to paint... but if it helped him to paint better, I did not question it.

I'm off to play... Sal's Boutique is calling my name... (that's code for salvation army).


  1. Beautiful illustrations!
    Sandra Evertson

  2. I will forever and always going forward call the Salvation Army Sal's Boutique! That is just the greatest!

  3. We shall now call our Salvation Army that too! Love your blog!
    Donna Lynn

  4. Sal's Boutique it is, Polly!
    ...And Spring Fever is here too, going strong.

  5. Enjoyed reading your meme and just love the graphic. Thanks for sharing.


  6. hey cute girl!!
    you just knew i would be a sucker for the crown stuff. YUMMY! i just placed an order!!!!

  7. Polly I like the banners you are offering ...saved some thanks(:)
    see the girls made it into the running ..LOL hugs Patty

  8. Thanks for doing the book meme! I loved the book "Girl With The Pearl Earring"

    Hope you picked up some good things at Sal's boutique! ;-)

    Hugs, Pat

  9. I worked as a case worker for the Salvation Army for 9 years,,,, I did the angel tree every year and I was manager of the Sal's Boutique...... how funny are you... I wish I had you around back then and I would have hung a sign out front stating just that!!!!!!!!! Not too sure if the commanding officer would have liked it but oh well!!!!!!!!

  10. Polly,
    I got the pretty blue floral print fabric I bought from you. It's really fun, haven't decided what to do with it yet. It just looks pretty in my stash in my sewing room! Hope you found some cool things at Sal's! hehe! Blessings, Victoria Lynn


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