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Flew the Coop

It's in the 70's today so I'm going to take advantage of it - just in case it's the last nice day for a while. Birdie banner available HERE

I've got seeds to plant! Neighbor Bob is already sneaking around the yard looking to fix up my gardening mistakes (Yesterday I spied him out back with the chainsaw, breaking apart a neglected tree stump. I wonder if his wife would be interested in doing laundry or dishes - lol).

Neighbors & Nests - that's a sure sign of Spring (at least we're hoping Spring is really going happen. It was still snowing just a few days ago!) One of our sweet blog neighbors, Patty, has painted up some nests for the website. And that big fat birdie is actually a birdhouse. It's on the site too. Off to plant seeds with my own seedlings/kids. What a blessing homeschool is!


  1. Spreading my wings too

  2. Yes, the weather is so beautiful,
    Have fun planting seeds with your little ones, sounds so fun, thank you for stopping by for show and tell, and yes, I do pray! Love you banner, where would I be with out prayer, thank goodness I don't know, nice to meet you Pinkie Denise, please visit again

  3. Hi, Just stopping by to say Hello & Happy Spring! I love all your treasures...

  4. I love Spring fever. Isn't it just a fabulous feeling to want to get out and enjoy what God has given us!? Thanks for sharing!


  5. How wonderful for you to finally get some great Spring weather

  6. Whoohoo!!! It is beautiful here too, and WINDY! But I'll take it!


  7. Send you neighbor to my house.... we have 10 acres and I have been here three years and still have a lot to do..........ahahahha but I so love the spring.......


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