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Have you heard the rumours? It's true, I'm sad to say. (new banner here, art by antique paperie)
Two of our dear friends, Esther Sunday and Sher from The Antique Cafe, are waving their goodbyes as the blogging ship moves along. Just like any onlooking passenger, I'm sad they are staying ashore while the boat departs for the next port, and I'm a little jealous that they are staying back on the relaxing beach while the waters rush on beneath the boat. Of course, it's not always for rest that our blog friends need to break away. Sometimes it's also for responsibilities, or health. No matter the reasons, we will miss them!
So as we hang over the rail, waving our goodbyes, I dry my eyes and grab the hand of my fellow blog gals. Let's give a ship to shore shout "Blessings to you, as you follow your heart". Whoever would've thought a few years ago that saying goodbye to a penpal would be so real?!

Tomorrow I'll return to the game of shuffleboard (or in this case a few tags that I've gathered up) but today I think I'll lounge on the deck with you gals.


  1. Awwwww.....Thank you Sis!
    I am waving to you as well, with Scrapbook paper in one hand, Distress Ink in the other, pens stuck in the bun of my hair, and Invoices out the wazooo. I'll grab a Shirley Temple, and stick to the sand for awhile. I'll be collecting shells while I stay on the "Shore". You know me, It probably won't be forever - but the excitement of things to come for Antique Paperie are hovering in the wings, and only one of me to do them with! Thank you for the farewell...Love you sweets - Sher

  2. Just peeking in to say another thank you for the blog banner. I began a new blog (for selling a few things) and used one of the banner choices you had available.


    Lady Jane

  3. Sorry to hear that two great bogs are closing down, as it always sad to lose friends. I hope it is for good reasons and not illness. New grand adventures ahead for Ester and Sher!

    Hugs, Pat

  4. Found you today while just-a-blog-hoppin' and so glad I did! This is one of the prettiest blogs I have ever seen! Thanks for all the great links (especially the homeschool stuff!) and all the pretty sights. I'll be back often!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog - and for the tip on my studio plans. I'm so glad to know about your blog, and your shop! It's really lovely. Happy Day - I'm linking you...

  6. Found your blog through other friends and I will stop by often to visit your pictures and sorry about the blogging friends that are jumping ship. Sharon K

  7. Love all your banner pics, they are stunning. I did not see any poodles LOL

  8. I love your banners, thank you so much for sharing :)


  9. Thank you for highlighting our blogging friends who are taking a hiatus...maybe permanently! I read Esther's blog and will miss her alot!


  10. So sorry to see anyone quit blogging, I love it so! Thank you so much for the free blog banners, come see the beautiful rose one I am using on mine! Your site is wonderful, thanks for the beauty...
    Donna Lynn

  11. They both will be missed ....Blessings

  12. Oh me. I didn't know. Gotta go say bye to Esther.

  13. I am getting teary just reading this post. I didn't know Sher and now I'm sure I missed a wonderful gal. I'm really going to miss Esther. Her sweet humor always brightened my days. It's amazing how dear each of our friends here have become. Blessings to both.



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