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For Everything There's a Season

We're getting ready to have a big sale at the store - making room for all the Summer stuff. I thought I'd show you the before... (their website still isn't up but you can call if you see something you love - LaDiDa 815-962-1234 )

SAT's are done (whew!), the soil has been tilled, the new seeds are planted and Neighbor Bob has given his stamp of approval. Tomorrow... tackling the porch!

Sow for yourselves righteousness; Reap in mercy; Break up your fallow ground, For it is time to seek the LORD, Till He comes and rains righteousness on you.


  1. That is set up so beautifully

  2. Look at all that wonderful stuff... I so wished I lived closer...... I really do..........

    have a fun time with the sewing and reaping............. God is the giver of the harvest.......I have sewn and I have watered...... but He is the one that gives the increase...........


  3. I don't Need anything...but this stuff is so cute and well arranged. Can I just make up a little bed for myself in the corner?

  4. I ditto dapoppins!! I probably could spend hours just gazing at all your lovely treasures!! You really have wonderful taste.
    Hope you are dry down where you are at... we are expecting rain again tomarrow! =(
    Anyway... Happy Wed!!

  5. Polly,

    What did I miss? Where are all of these goodies? Oh if I could only squish myself through the monitor - I see tons of wonderful goodies!!!


  6. Your sale is going to rock! It looks wonderful, good job on the displays. I want so much to shop at your place, I see so much yummy things to buy!
    I will pray you have a wonderful turnout and make lots of money!
    Donna Lynn

  7. Where oh where is this store? I love the way everything looks? Does one person own the store, or is this a consignment kind of place where different people have booths? What is the name of the store, it must be a unique one.

  8. That is one of my favorite verses in Hosea. Love it. Thanks for posting it. :o)

    SAT's done?! Yeah!!! I know from where you speak!

  9. It is so beautiful. We are out in the field at our farm and the baby calves also continue to be born! New life abound! The pictures of the shop just make me sigh with spring fever. I received the pattern and material for the post holders from my blog friend, Michelle at hippie dog. It was all pacakged up nicely, so I assume it was a kit that she purchased. You can send her a line to see! Her link is on my sidebar.

  10. Ok...we have a problem...I want it ALL!!! LOL I want to be Jeannie and blink and be there! Thanks for the pics!

  11. Oh my... You have just knocked me off my seat! Youch!! These pics are fantastic! A place I could spend hours in!!! Ahhh but to dream!

  12. Look at all the goodies!!!!! Thanks for coming over to my blog and saying Hi! I absolutely love my purchase. I got it the other day and it's even better than I expected. You're great! Thanks again hon!

  13. These thing just took my breath away. They are magnificent.....Wishing you a beautiful tomorrow

  14. Looks like a place I would love to spend some time in!

  15. What fun things to look at and purchase at your shop!

  16. Beautiful x100 and the free blog banners... so sweet! Love your stff and you take beautiful pictures.


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