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Does anybody else feel the Monday part of this morning?
I'm sitting at the computer trying to shake the sleepies today! Got lots of packages to get ready to ship out but no energy. It's going to be a double Diet Pepsi morning, I can tell already! The kids are off school and loaded up with bags of Easter candy (asking if they can have chocolate kisses for breakfast). The birthday party was a success, the grandparents were entertained by the egg hunt yesterday, and the rubber shoes were wonderful. But today is definitely a work-in-pajamas day! I'm sorry that you've been greeted this Monday by a pj clad, messy haired lady and her aqua striped socks =)


  1. Love it! So true of today, but I console myself that Spring is in full swing now. I just have to forget the part about it being 27 degrees. Have a wonderful day. Love,RAchel

  2. Yep, feelin' it--just took a nap on the kitchen couch--pooped!

  3. These special occassion weekends can be exhausting and once over it's all a bit of a let down.
    Tomorrow is another day

  4. That is so strange, I am feeling it too, and so is everyone at odd and I cannot stop yawning! LOVE that new ebay template - woo hoo!

  5. I was sitting in a meeting this morning and I was completely nodding off. I think it has something to do with all those chocolate bunnies I ate yesterday. Or maybe the pie. Or the jelly beans?

    Happy monday,

  6. Boy was I ever dragging today! I think it's what the sugar high of Easter does. LOL
    All 9 of my kids, babies included, slept in until...wait for it...10:30!!!!! I was a very happy momma this morning!

  7. I have a lack of energy as well. I think it is because officially it's spring, but the cool temperatures make us think of winter. On a more positive note, it was beautiful and sunny today.

    Now I'm off to visit Sher's blog.



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