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Your Bag, Madam

I've made a decision! I know, call the press!! Let me tell you what has inspired my new decisions...

Look at these gorgeous handbags that are sprouting up! This one is at Paris Couture Antiques.

First decision, I put together a little bag for yesterdays project. Second decision, start watching for a line of handbags on the website (I'll give you all the sneak preview and you can tell me if they're good or bad, k?). This one is really just a quickie that I put together for the project-a-day, but it's still kinda cute. I love old needlepoints!

Third Decision, at least one of all the project items from this week are on the website, plus a few other little goodies that were added Thursday night.


  1. Polly, So cute! You and I have a lot in common! xo Rachel

  2. What a lovely site! I found you through Phyllis of Shabby in the City (and I just made a purchase from your gorgeous shop, too)! =)

  3. Oh that is a gorgeous bag sis!
    I love the old needlepoint, my grandma used to do that. That tradition seems lost in today's world. High tech gadgets etc.....Even the sewing machines of today I still can't figure out!! I am so old fashioned. heehee :) I am blessed to know you friend - xo Sher

  4. Beautiful bag...I love your site and will come back and look it all over.
    I just wanted to let you know that was NOT me in the waxing story on my blog....I've never WAXED a day in my like it's too much pain for me!! haha
    That was a funny email I wanted to share.....

  5. Oh I feel guilty for not telling Beachy about you earlier...I thought everybody knew you!
    Your bag is great. I remember you used to make those like Magnolia Pearl. I love them! And yes on the shared flea market...I always wondered why people didn't do the same! I did notice that Holly Doodle does it too.


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