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The Silence Between The Notes

I didn't sleep last night, at least not right away. For hours I heard Beethoven playing in my mind, both his music and his madness. We watched the movie, Copying Beethoven and there were two scenes that kept playing over and over in my mind. Beethoven said, "Silence is the key. The silence between the notes. When that silences envelops you, then your soul can sing." The silence between the notes...

There's been some buzz around blogland lately about disconnecting. A challenge to disconnect from our computers and re-connect with the other facets of our lives.

From Beethoven's era to this blog era... Be still and know that I am God.

It's been fun the last few days setting aside time to sew. I've missed it. (Well, yesterday was really a no-sew project. I borrowed it from Jennifer Paganelli's blog. You can get the pattern here.) Reconnecting with something I enjoy... Not virtually creative, but creative... Cutting fabric and pasting letters with my daughter... Watching her become creative.... Being Still...


  1. I think I will have to watch this movie! Sounds very good. Yes getting back to "LIFE" has been good for me. Love the project!
    Love Erin~

  2. I will have to check out that movie!
    I really know what you are saying about 'Being Still', I need to do more of that!
    have a great day!
    ps. visit my new blog.

  3. I cannot "Be Still" Sis - I am constantly on the go or I feel out of sorts. Being busy really helps me with the grief I still feel of losing my most precious friend - my grandmother. Life is certainely not the same without her strong support. Oh how she loved me, and somehow I feel as though I won't ever find another who loves me that much. God, perhaps? His love encounters our soul - and it floods our veins like a rushing river. Amen to that -
    My dear - I have something for you - will you email me and give me your address? I found 3 beautiful Christian Devotionals I want you to have. I picked them up at the local library sale and immediately knew I would be passing them along to you - My faithful, Christian friend!
    Hugs Sis - xoxo Sher

  4. Polly, Such a great reminder of finding balance. What a challenge. Thanks for sharing your creativity. xoRachel

  5. Hi Polly,

    I hadn't heard of this one, is it a new release? I am with you on the balance.


  6. Ok ..I'm going to put the movie on
    my must watch list..
    sounds GREAT..
    I love the banner too!!
    doing things with our daughters
    is AWESOME

  7. Be still and know that I am God,speaks volumes.....Smiles

  8. balance...... got to have healthy balance in our lives.. God, blogging, family, etc etc etc... God help us to be still and LISTEN....

  9. I've been being still lately...lot's to be heard....

    missing you...let's chat

  10. Lovely post! I have not seen that movie but would like to now. It is so good to be reminded about real easy to get sucked in here and forget about the dishes and the dog and the husband...hehe...I should really go get in bed with those guys...enough of blogland for tonight!

  11. I need to add that movie to my rental list!!!

    I love the fabric banner. That selection of fabric is just beautiful Thank you for sharing the link. I need another project ;-)

    Your package if finally going to the PO today!

    And lastly, I tagged you for a fun meme if you would like to participate.


  12. Polly,
    I am going to check that movie out - looks wonderful, thank you for sharing.
    Yes, silence is great!

  13. I left something on my blog for you yesterday.
    Hope you have time to get it!!
    smiles, Deena


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