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So, my blog friends, after a week of sewing a new project per day, and after years of sewing for fun... I have lopped off the end of my finger with the sewing sheers. Yep, it's killing me trying to type (lots of hunt, peck and backspacing going on). No, of course I didn't go to the doctor. I'm a mom. Apply pressure and a bandage, for goodness sake. Ok, it went more like this... What the... OOOwwwwww... grunt, groan, hop over the dog... dripping blood all the way to the bathroom (thankfully I didn't ruin any of my precious fabric stash!)... tissue, tissue... oh geez - new roll... Applying pressure seems to be causing more of a mess... hmm... let's take a peek... eeewwww.... Lots of homemade bandages and tape... spend rest of the day whinning to anyone who will listen. =) I'm rethinking my love of notions - they're just too closely related to the sheers family.

Luckily, I received this darling, darling (look at those tiny spools of thread) sewing kit from Romantic Porch this week. It's like a puppy version of the big dog notions. And how can you not love a puppy?! (when he still pees on the floor, that's how! UGH - pray for Sugar to stop the "sweet release" or he's going to spend the summer on a chain... sigh.)

I'm off to nurse my wound with a little web shopping at Antique Paperie. Sherry is having a sale. Buy anything today (Saturday) and you'll be entered to win a $50 gift certificate - I'm making a beeline for more of her amazing tags! Here's to a safe weekend for all of us =)


  1. Oh my gosh Sis!! I am so sorry you did that!! That is a big fear of mine - I am so clumsy with my hands that I am totally surprised I have not chopped my hand off. God is Good - it's not happened yet. Thank you Lord.
    I feel so badly for you! Thank you for mentioning me here in this post!! What a wonderful day it is despite your lopped off fingertip and my nasty Flu virus - we can find the blessing in it, somewhere!
    hugs sis, you are a God-Given friend, and I thank Him so.
    xo Sher

  2. Polly!!! Ouch! Make sure it doesn't get infected...put some hydrogen peroxide over it and keep it clean.

    Hope it heals up fast and that you can go back to 'careful' sewing! ;-)

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  3. Oh Polly, I feel for you! Go rest and take care of that boo boo :(


  4. Oh Dear Polly! I hope your finger heals sorry that happened!I will hop over and check out your new things!

  5. Oh Dear Polly! Hope your finger heals quickly!!

  6. Good Morning Polly`~ I've linked to your blog from Lallee's ;o)
    What a beautiful beautiful place to visit!!
    I'm gasping at this post however ;o(
    I hope that your are doing much better today.
    I am going to visit with you a little while longer...
    Have a better day today and God bless ;o)

  7. Hope your feeling better today! Get to the doctor if you start an infection though. Have a great Sunday!

  8. Ho Polly. I hope your finger heals soon. Sugar is the key to stop the bleeding my Dad always say's. Hope your not in any pain. Did you purchase some of Sherri's yummy tags? I recieved some just last week. They are just wonderful! Take care my sweet injured friend. May healing be on it's way, Susie

  9. "Polly Lops" you are gruesome!!!
    Gosh I hate that you did that!!! I know tomorrow it will still hurt and maybe a day or two more.I'll ask for your pain to be over with quickly, okay? Hope your family spoils you and puppy 'holds it' for you!!!

  10. Ouch. Really. You had better take care of that!!! It is amazing how painful something like that can be! Get better soon. Yep, I am sure retail therapy should help! Love, Esther

  11. Oh you poor thing, hope things feel better soon. Why don't we mums ever go to the doctor?! Take care

  12. The picture of your little sewing kit is so adorable. Thanks for sharing it. I hope your finger is better soon. Have a great week. xoRachel

  13. Awww Polly!!! Hope you heal super quickly!

    As for Sugar...if you eventually find the trick to make him stop peeing on the floor please do let me know, so I can see if it will work on Renoir...haha!

    I too purchased some more goods from her stuff!


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