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Tote Along With Me

My daughter told me the other day, "How come you never sew anymore mama?" So, I've put myself to a challenge. Can I make something new everyday this week? Seems like a sinch but my schedule has been so hectic lately. So I know it's not truly homemade but...
Shhhh... I've only got a few but if you'd like one... Go Here. I found a package of extra canvas bags that I had in storage, so I had them printed up with the logo. I guess I'm trying to hurry Spring along with a little Spring cleaning. How is it that the more I clear away, the more I find to clear away???
I'm taking care of business this morning so that I can spend my afternoon visiting some of you. Quick, go bake a cake =)


  1. Love the tote! So pretty!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog...I thought it was you ;)

  2. Polly, that tote is great! I will have to stop and see what you sew for tomorrow....

  3. Polly........ What type of print is on that tote?????? did you do that or have it printed on there........ It is toooooooooo cute.............

  4. You are so wonderfully creative. I wish I had half the creativity you have.... I have tons of supplies, but get stuck when it comes to what to do with them....

  5. What a cute tote and good luck on making something each day!!
    Winter storm on the way here too and I am hoping for a snow day and close the mall!!
    Stay cozy!

  6. Polly,
    I love that bag.

    I'm trying to Spring clean too - it's overwhelming - good luck!

  7. Polly(:) Hi ~~
    love the bag you are so talented~~!!
    Thanks on my blogpage an webby(:) I am having fun ..not sure if I'll do much selling from the webpage but am working on a Verizon webpage (I have Verizon services) it has selling pages,paypal will see how that goes..and glad afew of your(gals) are selling~~~ Hugs for now... Patty

  8. The bag is beautiful! I was sewing up a slipcover for my office chair the other day, and my daughter said to me, "I thought you didn't sew anymore, mom." So I know where you're coming from! Unfortunately, I don't have time to do much more sewing in the near future with all my other projects, but I can't wait to see what else you come up with!


  9. I absolutely love your blog, hopefully I can get mine at least half as nice!!! Beautiful....


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