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As We Are

I've often been asked, "Is Polly short for Penelope?"

Yes, tis true - Polly is a version of Penelope

Isn't it wonderful that God loves us as we are?!

Read more about it here.

(p.s. If you love Penelope's green shoes, I saw them here, give 'em a call on Tuesday)


  1. Darn, I can't see the picture for some reason, but I love learning that Polly is short for Penelope. I just love that name. It was on my list if my guys had been girls ;)

    Happy Sunday!


  2. Hey Sis - I Love the name Penelope!
    It's a lovely whimsical.
    I hate my name. That is why I make everyone call me Sherri!!!

    ....Mine is Sharalyn - I was named after my grandma Sharyn and my Uncle Jeffrey Lynn - Hence, Sharalyn - YUCK!!! Just call me Sherri. haha! It was always hard for everyone who first met me to pronounce it right...Most would say Charlene - So I just said Ok, that's it, Sherri or Sher is what you'll call me.

    Thank the heavens that God calls us "Daughter".....

    xoxo Sher - have a wonderful blessing filled week! Love the new goodies in your shop :)

  3. Is that movie and actual movie??? It looks very interesting.
    ps I had NO idea Polly was short for Penelope.

  4. Hey, Polly/Penelope:) I have seen the advertisments for this movie, but did not know much about it...looks interesting, huh?

    BTW your new website is absoultely gorgeous:) Very nice job!


  5. Well doesn't this look like an interesting movie!
    I have an antique doll I named Penelope because on our honeymoon we went to a B&B that was built by a sea captain and his daughter was Penelope...they said she had the run of Monterey, Ca. and it was her playground. Wanna see it?

  6. My sweet Bekah and I will be going to see that movie! Mr. Tumnes is in it!


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