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Waxing Philosophical

I have this philosophy, "Don't buy it, if you won't use it." Seems simple enough but my box filled basement is proof that I don't always live by it.

Then there's that other wicked phrase that's been drilled into us, "Buy what you love." Yikes! That's some dangerous advice. However, I probably give into that philosophy more often than I obey my own philosophy.

I've had to apply the "use it?" rule to my sewing over the years. I don't know if anyone else suffers from this ailment but sometimes I over-spend by over-creating.

So, in an effort to apply the "use it?" rule to yesterday's sewing project, I didn't have to look further than my Ziploc cosmetic bag. Yes, I really do have my make-up in a Ziploc bag - Doesn't that speak volumes about my fashion sense?!

I took what I knew I needed and threw in a favorite Southern phrase I read about in Creole Thrift...

Well, it's true!!!


  1. Oh Polly, that is the BEST!!!
    I'm going to start using that phrase instead of saying, "Time just walks away from me"
    If you get a chance, stop by the website or my blog for February's Giveaway. Its a one of a kind mosaic shelf made by me...
    Hugs, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  2. heh Oh I hear ya on the huge lot of makeup so fun a friend of mine last year went through all of hers and only kept afew of the things she needs ..I thought what a great idea(:) however I still have alot of excess.. I did put all of mine into a little green cardboard container that has several little sections ..stood the lipsticks up in one or two sections , glosses lay down in another plus stuff in several other is in my bathroom drawer ..easy access.. hugs Patty

  3. I don't buy anything practical unless it is gas or food for the family - Esther Sunday's rule.

  4. I always go by the "love it" rule. Especially when I was an antiques dealer. I never bought anything that I wouldn't be happy keeping if i got stuck with it!

  5. Hi Polly, that's so cute! If I bought everything I loved my house would be so stuffed with many different things.


  6. I always say to myself that if I can live with it for 5 yrs I can get it...

    Hmmm....I think I'm a hard core New Yorker--I do not get the Creole saying!! (And cannot believe I am admitting it!!)



  7. Hi! Thanks for popping past my blog! I am hearing you about the "don't buy it if you won't use it" rule!! Never works with me though LOL

  8. Oh, do I ever suffer from over-doing-it with craft "stuff"!!! My husband says I'm more of a collector than a crafter....he could be on to something:)

    Love the make-up bag! Good luck with your challenge this week.


  9. Wow! That is so cute! You've been so busy! I love it all and the wallpapered shelves you showed in an earlier post are adorable. xoRachel

  10. Look at that cosmetic bag you made! So great Polly!


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