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A Bloggers Flea Market

Thank goodness Miss Shabby in the City tagged me last week! Every Friday she has a "Friday Flea Market" and every Friday I miss it. Even if I mark it on my calendar! Sometimes I get there in the evening but nonetheless, I've missed it! Well, I hopped over to check out the tag and an idea thumped me on the back of the head.
Why don't we do Friday Flea Market together?? In fact, why don't we see if anybody else would like to join in?? (remember Phyllis hosted one for us?) A Blogger's Flea Market - for all of us! Every Friday! (do you think I will remember it if it's every Friday?) Open to anyone who blogs - buy or sell (well, you don't have to be a blogger to be a buyer)!! Check it out here and let me know what you think.

P.S. Oh yeah, the TAG =) I'll answer it tomorrow, promise.


  1. I can clear out a few things that are lingering in my blog shop on Friday Flea Market...hmmm......I think it's a great idea..lemme know there Polly!!

  2. ...btw..I am getting an error on the second link.....

  3. Oh I think this is a great idea! The check it out link isn't working for me either for some reason.

    Happy Monday!


  4. Oh Shabby has fun stuff there!!
    That would be neat to have a Blog wide market!! Good idea...

  5. Hi Polly, I am catching up with friends today. Your blog looks great! I think the flea market idea is a really good one. I dont really have anything to sell just yet but I may jump into it a little bit down the road:>)Thanks for your comment & visits. I have been so busy with 2 jobs it has been hard to keep up at times. Glad you still stop by!

  6. Just popping by for a little hello! I'm so behind on my blog reading...

    Happy week,


  7. Oh yes count me in, I think thats a great idea. Mind you I am on Australian time so not sure how well the Fridays will cross over?
    Alicia ~ time worn style

  8. I'm always late to the market myself! Kenny's eye is completely healed now. Like it never even happened, thank God. Thank you so much for asking!!


  9. I love this idea. Thank you Polly, for figuring it out. xo Rachel

  10. Polly, I love this idea! Looking forward to Friday. Linda

  11. Oh yes, how fun is this going to be???? How wonderful!!

  12. Hi Polly! Thanks so much for the invite and you can surely count on me :)

    Looking forward to Friday...when should we start the post? Anytime after midnight or at a certain time in the morning??

    Thanks excited to be part of this!


  13. That's a great idea Polly! Have fun doing it!



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