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Peep Toes

Yes, I've now see it all. Those babies are chocolate shoes! I LOVE girly shoes.

In real life I've never been one of those girls that fixes her hair everytime there's a potty break, nor have I ever been at the height of fashion. I don't care much for the latest clothing (Stacey London would hate me! I don't have a problem wearing old pink slips overtop my bluejeans-gasp) and I don't read hair style magazines (Are there even words in those? ...I know straight hair is the thing but I love long curls and sometimes even an up-do for no reason at all - with a sweatshirt, even!)

I'm modern victorian through and through (and perhaps a bit 1930's). Though I adore a touch of lace, more often than not you'll find me in jeans and tee shirt. I'm in flips (flipflops) all Summer and dread the outdoor ventures that keep me from my comfy slippers in the Winter. Peep-toes are not realistic in my life. How then does a girl like me come to own a collection of dainty shoes? Because certainly there'll be a wedding... (remember that scrumptious wedding last Summer?)

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  1. Oh Polly! I love those shoes! Being a size, ahem, 11, I have such a hard time shoe shopping, and I am with you, most of the time it's jeans and a casual top for me, but I admit that I would love shoes like the ones you are showing! Shoes like that would turn jeans into something special (and yes I would wear them with jeans!)

  2. Modern Victorian does seem like a good descriptor for you:) Beautiful shoe collection, Polly! I think I own more boots than girly shoes.

    The chocolate shoes are fantastic!! Much too pretty to eat.


  3. I LOVE chocolate.. I could love chocolate shoes too! Those are pretty.


  4. tooooooooooo cute shoes....... I love shoes but hurt my ankle about three years ago and I cannot wear anything with even the slightest heel... have to wear flats all the time.... but I love to look.... and yum to the choc. shoes I'll take three pair.........ahahhaha I love your Victorian look...... I think I am going to lean that way a bit in my house.......... kind of tired of the semi-look.......


  5. Those shoes are yours?!!!They are soo perty!!
    I love 'em...hey..everyday dressing like your goin' to church? Uh...No...I would go nuts.
    oh yeah..Photoshops fun!! Love yur stuff! =)

  6. Miss Polly, I looove your collection. Of aren't shoes so marvelous and wonderful? Even if we opt for flip flops and slippers most days. I am so glad you own such treasures!! xoxo

  7. I would wear those shoes in a heartbeat!

  8. In another life...when I would don my business suit and heels every morning...I had shoes, shoes, shoes. Every shade and style! Alas, those shoes have gone to others via yard sales and thrift donations. I am now a sneaker, flip flop and ugly work shoe wearer! *lol* Thanks for the little glimpse into a wonderful world of fabulous shoes!


  9. Such pretty shoes! I love looking at other peoples shoes but hate shoe shopping and I live in sneakers LOL!



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