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Aged to Perfection

I've been playing hooky again. The weather has been a bit dismal today so I Photoshopped! You know what got me thinking photoshoppy? (I'm not scrapbooky so instead I get photoshoppy.) Victorian Lady brush via It's all because of Miss Antique Paperie! Look at what she sent...

You KNOW my obsession with old paper! She had me at "click here". I couldn't believe how lovely every single tag was. After I opened the package, I scooped up all the little pretties and took them up to my very special room of my own and spread them all out. Aren't they lovely?! (That great old pincushion? Mom gave it to me the other day. She said it belonged to my aunt - how cool! Maybe mom was having a guilt trip after leaving me for a whole month during Christmas -sob & whine- No, she's just always that way. If you admired their swimming pool she'd probably say, "Don, run out and dig that pool up for Polly's blog friend...")

Real vintage key AND a ring!

Can you see why it got the old juices flowing?! They're so pretty I don't want to use them! Go visit her. I'll bet you can't NOT buy something... come back and tell me what you got! (p.s. she's got a blog too. Oh, be still my heart.)


  1. You are so sweet doll face!! I am happy you liked everything :) I love what you did on Photoshop - right up my alley sis! (I am calling you Sis now)
    Take care darlin and BIG HUGS to you!
    xo Sherri

  2. Wow Polly what gorgeous things,
    I had to look a second time before I realised where the pin cushion was. It is beautiful.
    The tags from Sherri are absolutely fabulous.

  3. What wonderful "girly things" makes me want to go take a bubble bath and put on my lace nightie and pull my hair on top of my head and have my DH fan me with a pretty paper fan......... ahahhahahah see how easily I am moved..... My friend Jean went home today and I will head over there tomorrow and will go each day and visit with her until she no longer needs the cares of this world.... Thanks for your prayers.... hugsx0x00x0

  4. Yes what great papers they are!!! I love that pin cushion too! Hey I want you to see not only the old papers at Niki's (link on my post today) but something tell me what you think it is :)

  5. everything is adorable!
    love the tags!

  6. Ah, such pretty pretties! Love those tags too!


  7. Very pretty Polly! I love your pin cushion :)


  8. Beautiful pretties Polly! I will have to check her out!

  9. Love Sherri!!! I designed her website and we became fast friends after that! I need to get some of her tags for sure!!!


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